Episode 263

Simplifying Your Business Model with Tara McMullin

July 20, 2021

Running a business that generates revenue for years to come requires a strong yet simple business model. When a creative business has too many offers in place or cannot operate effectively, valuable time and resources get wasted. In this episode, businesses strategist Tara McMullin shares her expert process of how to simplify your business—and how doing so can make you more profitable. Tara and Emily discuss why your main offer matters most, the art of maintaining your vision, and how to streamline your business in ways that set you up for long-term success.

Episode Transcript
"Creating a simple business model is not about playing small. It’s about exponentially increasing your revenue potential, not diminishing it."
- Tara

Discussed in this Episode

  • Defining your business model: the importance of keeping it simple
  • How to price and deliver your offers
  • When to define your business model— and how to come up with it
  • Reaching revenue goals by offering your primary expert service
  • How thinking about the future of your business can help you set a more stable and sustainable business model
  • The difference between vision and goals, and how to simplify your business for growth
  • Why simplifying your business model matters

Resources Mentioned