Episode 262

Taking Time Off as a Business Owner with Dana Kaye

July 6, 2021

While boss life allows the benefits of personal freedom, deciding when and how to take a vacation from your business can be challenging. In this episode, Dana Kaye of Kaye Publicity, Inc. shares how she learned to balance responsibility and freedom, what she does to set up her team for success, and why vacations are essential if you want your personal and business life to thrive. Dana and Emily talk about the ways they’ve learned to overcome stress when it comes to stepping away from work and how they find empowerment from taking the space that’s required to recharge.

Episode Transcript
"Vacations and taking time off are necessary both for your physical and mental as well as the health of your business."
- Dana Kaye

Discussed in this Episode

  • Why business owners should take time off
  • How Dana set up the systems necessary to take time off of her publicity business
  • Planning and delegating work projects to teams with trust and ease
  • Managing the mindset of guilt that can come up when taking time off from your business
  • Why communication and clear expectations are crucial for success and fulfillment
  • Different types of time off and how to take vacation as a small business owner or solopreneur
  • Balancing work, parenting, and time
  • Remembering your core values and incorporating them throughout the steps to take time off as an entrepreneur


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