Episode 308

Healthy Boundaries In Your Business

June 28, 2022

We all know how important boundaries are, but how do you reach the point where they work for you? In this episode, Emily and Corey of Being Boss discuss what it looks like to uphold healthy boundaries. They share must-have boundaries for business owners, how to set boundaries that protect yourself, and a few unpopular tips on testing and changing as you grow.

Episode Transcript
"You need two kinds of boundaries: those that protect you in your business and those that protect you from your business."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • Two categories of boundaries for business owners
  • How to create boundaries
  • Business policies as boundaries
  • Physical boundaries for working from home
  • Benefits of tracking your time
  • Building boundaries to protect your life and business
  • Examples of simple boundaries they’ve used to get work done

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