Episode 297

How to Empower Yourself at Work & Have a Side Hustle with Alanah Joseph

April 12, 2022

Having a day job can be a huge bonus when pursuing your creative boss goals. Many entrepreneurs keep their day jobs, which is both valid and sustainable in business. In this episode, Emily chats with Alanah Joseph, Head of Creator Partnerships at Hubspot and creator of the Ambitious Black Woman channel. They discuss tips for pursuing a passion project, finding fulfillment in a creative side hustle, and what to look for in a remote job.

Episode Transcript
"You have to really know yourself and what works for you in order to set up the time to work on your passion outside of your day job."
- Alanah Joseph

Discussed in this Episode

  • The value of healthy work culture
  • Benefits of working a day job as a creative boss
  • Creating for the sake of creativity and inspiration instead of just monetization
  • Pros and cons of creatives having a day job
  • What to look for when choosing a day job
  • Whether or not you should share your side hustle with your day job
  • Balancing boundaries between your job and your passion

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