Episode 223

Social Media Marketing for Online and Local Business with Ellen Matis

February 18, 2020

Boss friend Ellen Matis joins Emily in this episode to talk about creating boundaries for social media, the impact that local community involvement can have on your life and business, and why it’s important to invest in your community and neighbors.

Episode Transcript
"It doesn't matter how many people follow you. It matters how many of those people are actually qualified buyers that are actually going to walk in the door of your business."
- Ellen Matis

Discussed in this Episode

  • Why Ellen quit her day job, started her own businesses
  • Why Ellen decided to still pursue her graduate degree
  • The best pieces of advice that Ellen has gotten on her journey
  • The love/hate relationship with social media
  • Time and life balance with social media
  • Getting involved in the local community
  • Learning the names of your in-person neighbors
  • The advantages of "focusing on local"

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