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Episode 327

Trends and Opportunities for Makers and Retail Businesses with Carla Pellicano of Faire

November 8, 2022

The journey of a small business owner is one that requires a finger on the pulse and constant learning, but being a retail or maker boss comes with a unique set of obstacles. In this episode, Emily is joined by Carla Pellicano, the Head of Product at Faire, a marketplace for small wholesalers. Together they examine the current state of both brick-and-mortar and maker businesses. Carla shares what changes are on the horizon, what we can expect to stay the same, and how you can prepare for the future.

Episode Transcript
"Don’t get so crazy about optimizing each moment of your career. It's longer than you think it will be and it's going be far less direct than you wish it will be."
- Carla Pellicano

Discussed in this Episode

  • What Faire provides to makers as a platform
  • How Faire help connect retailers and makers with more convenience
  • Carla’s journey to her current role at Faire
  • How tech has changed the landscape of commerce and business owners
  • How social media has evolved and continues to influence shoppers
  • Why it’s essential to make offline and online meet efficiently to market yourself
  • Trends that have stayed consistent in the small business and maker economy
  • A look at what Carla think’s we’ll see next in the maker economy
  • What to look out for currently as a small business owner or maker

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