Episode #95 // Success without Sacrifice with Jenny Shih

Jenny Shih on Being Boss

Today we’re talking with business and success coach, Jenny Shih about how to create a successful online business without having to work long hours or make huge sacrifices. We’re digging in about how to find the balance between big vision and daily grind, sacrifice and success, and drive and gratitude, plus how to get past some […]

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MINISODE // Collaborating with a Friend

Collaborating with a Friend

Today’s minisode is all about collaborating and co-owning a business or a project with a friend—how partnerships and collaborations have helped us grow in our businesses, some pitfalls to avoid when working with a friend, and the advantages to teaming up in business and projects. This minisode is brought to you by: ConvertKit ConvertKit is […]

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Episode #94 // Money Mindset

Being Boss money mindset

Today’s episode comes from our Freshbooks Live in Toronto Being Boss event. Recorded live from the headquarters of our favorite accounting and invoicing system, there couldn’t be a better place for us to talk about money. Money is the biggest stressor for creative entrepreneurs, so today we’re talking about what to do when you’re freaking […]

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Episode #93 // Jasmine Star on Authenticity and Haters

Jasmine Star on Being Boss Podcast

Today we’re excited to welcome Jasmine Star on Being Boss. Jasmine became one of the most sought after photographers in California in 2007, and in 2009 she was named on of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world. This was only after starting her photography business in 2006. Now she provides coaching for other […]

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MINISODE // Tips for Finding Your Business Bestie

How to find your business bestie

Today’s minisode is all about growing creative friendships and finding your business bestie when you feel isolated as an online business owner. This minisode is brought to you by: ConvertKit ConvertKit is our favorite email marketing platform at Being Boss. It makes it easy to send out email blasts, check newsletter metrics, and segment lists. […]

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