Collaborating with a Friend

October 21, 2016

Today’s minisode is all about collaborating and co-owning a business or a project with a friend—how partnerships and collaborations have helped us grow in our businesses, some pitfalls to avoid when working with a friend, and the advantages to teaming up in business and projects.

Episode Transcript
"Don't make assumptions about what's going right or wrong. It's so important to say it out loud."
- Kathleen Shannon

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Today's minisode question comes from Being Boss Clubhouse members, Leah & Emily:

leahemilysept2016Leah Noble is a graphic designer and writer who lives in North Sydney, NS with her partner Adam. Emily Rankin is a graphic designer and photographer who lives in the peaceful woods of Glencoe, NS with her husband Steve. Together they share a passion project, a retreat for women by the sea called the Creative Soul Weekend, which is going into its third year.

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


Almanac Supply Co

Kathleen Shannon
Kathleen Shannon


Braid Creative

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