Episode #89 // When Your Metrics Suck

Today’s episode is all about what to do when your metrics suck and how to create content that gets good metrics and traffic. We’re talking about what we do for Being Boss, what we’re planning to up our game for Being Boss, and our tips for how to read and use your analytics for your online business.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why are metrics important? (6:50)
  • Looking ahead at future trends (10:10)
  • What’s next for Being Boss to improve our metrics (13:06)
  • Use your metrics to do what excites you in your business (19:50)
  • How to use analytics for your business (24:00)
  • Calls to action and sharing your content across multiple platforms (27:12)
  • When metrics don’t even matter (30:20)

Metrics patterns & trends | Being Boss


Data drives what has been working, but you have to leave room for new trends and patterns. Click To Tweet You need to say what you want to say whether or not anyone is reading it. Click To Tweet Data doesn't matter when you're really trusting your gut about what's next. Click To Tweet Show up and do the work regardless of the metrics. Click To Tweet I started using metrics when I was ready to uplevel my business. Click To Tweet


Metrics give you a good look at what's going on in your online business at any given moment. Click To Tweet Metrics allow you to make really good decisions about your business based on past performance. Click To Tweet You're not going to be ahead of the curve if you're always looking in the rearview mirror. Click To Tweet Use metrics as a way to give yourself permission to brainstorm other things that could work. Click To Tweet Metrics are one tool you can use to move forward, but they're not the only tool. Click To Tweet

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