Episode 323

Growing Your Team to Scale Your Business with Dana Kaye

October 11, 2022

Being a business owner puts you in the unique position to create your ideal career and life but it also allows you to create impact in the lives of your clients and team members. In this episode, Emily chats with Dana Kaye of Kaye Publicity, about strategically hiring and growing a team to scale your business, say yes to more opportunities, and expand the overall impact you are making in the world.

Episode Transcript
"As service providers, people come to us because of how we deliver that service."
- Dana Kaye

Discussed in this Episode

  • A look at what Dana’s been up to since she was last on the podcast
  • Being a manager vs. a doer as an entrepreneur
  • The challenge of training your team and allowing them to fail
  • Showing up with curiosity as a management tactic
  • Expanding the impact you make to not just your clients but the team you are building
  • The effect of being staffed to take on new opportunities
  • Strategic money mindsets to consider when onboarding new team members
  • Keeping your why in mind as you make choices about growing your business
  • Thinking of roles vs. people in your business

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