Episode 346

The Value of Free with Shawanda Mason and Jennifer Holder

March 21, 2023

Do your free offerings still have the same power and value with your potential customers and clients? In this episode, Emily is joined by the cofounders of The Chattery, Shawanda Mason and Jennifer Holder for a thoughtful conversation about the role of free in our economy and communities. They explore the mindset shifts of creating mission-driven free offerings for your audience as a business owner, how to intentionally engage with free offerings as a consumer, and how to evaluate the value of free beyond the price tag.

Episode Transcript
"Offering something free doesn't devalue the person or the business."
- Shawanda Mason-Moore

Discussed in this Episode

  • How Shawanda and Jennifer met and founded the Chattery
  • Advice for seeking out a business partner
  • The mission of the Chattery
  • Making free a part of your business model
  • Shifting your mindset from profit-driven to mission-driven free offerings
  • How have capitalism and the attention economy changed the value of free

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