Episode 345

Finding Your Creative Flow with Pamela Chen

March 14, 2023

Do you ever struggle to tap into your creativity when you need it most? As a creative entrepreneur, it can be tough to conjure up that spark of inspiration day in and day out. In this episode, Emily is joined by Pamela Chen, a psychic business mentor, and money manifesting coach, to discuss how to cultivate your creative energy in work and life. They dive into how to expand your idea of what’s possible, how to push through the less enjoyable aspects of your work, and how to make the most of creative collaborations.

Episode Transcript
"Do the energetic work, do the magic work, and make it happen."
- Pamela Chen

Discussed in this Episode

  • An update on what Pamela has been up to since October 2021
  • How Pamela cultivates creative energy in her work and life
  • Pamela shares her 111 wishes exercise
  • How Pamela approaches creative collaborations
  • Pamela’s favorite part of the creative process
  • How to get through your least favorite parts of the creative process
  • Pamela shares about the creation of her newest tarot deck

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