Episode #65 // How to Take Care of Yourself Like a Boss

Self care for creative entrepreneurs | Being Boss Podcast

We recently took a trip to New Orleans—just the two of us—and decided to record an episode on self care because if you don’t take care of yourself, then how can you expect to be boss? We’re talking about building a healthy foundation, fitness, food, beauty, boundaries, and investing in yourself as much (or even […]

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Episode #64 // Email Marketing Tips and Best Practices with Nathan Barry of ConvertKit

Email Marketing Tips Nathan Barry of ConvertKit on Being Boss

Today we’re talking with Nathan Barry, the founder of ConvertKit. He’s talking with us today about all things email marketing: How ConvertKit works for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, the ins and outs of creating valuable opt-ins, how to nurture your email list, and how to manage that list in all sizes. This episode is brought […]

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Episode #61 // Fitness for Bosses with Jason Harrison

Fitness for Creative Enterepreneurs Jason Harrison

Today we’re talking to Jason Harrison of Present Tense Fitness. Jason is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, and since you know that we love to occasionally geek out about fitness—especially when it parallels the journey of creatives—we’re going to be talking to him about fitness, lifestyle, and being a creative entrepreneur. This episode is […]

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