Episode #149 // Online Business with Nathalie Lussier

As creative entrepreneurs with varied interests, it can be difficult to figure out what it is that you want to do in your business. Nathalie Lussier joins us to talk about her journey in moving from one business idea to another, getting feedback along the way, and ultimately building an online business that is fulfilling […]

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Episode #147 // You Don’t Need More Confidence with Tara Mohr

Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big, joins us again today to talk about dealing with fear, getting curious, and busting the myth that we all need a little more confidence. Instead, we’re turning to our intuition and getting in touch with our inner mentors to get honest about what is blocking us. This episode is brought […]

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Episode #146 // Art and Politics with Julia Kirt

How do we nurture creativity and advocate for arts within our society? Today we’re speaking with community leader and Executive Director for Oklahomans for the Arts, Julia Kirt, who is running for State Senate about advocating for the arts and getting involved in politics to nourish and preserve creativity. This episode is brought to you […]

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Episode #145 // NaNoWriMo & Writing Your Story with Grant Faulkner

Grant Faulkner of NaNoWriMo joins us to talk about the writing process, owning the title of “writer,” and getting past blocks or struggles to make writing a part of your routine and write your first or next novel. This episode is brought to you by: Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You – Sign up for […]

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Episode #143 // Dealing with Burnout

How to deal with burnout

We’ve heard so many bosses and creative entrepreneurs lately say that they are starting to feel the burnout—ourselves included. So we’re talking about how we’re dealing with burnout, how we push through burnout to do the work, and what we do to organize and prepare for busy times in business ahead of time. This episode […]

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MINISODE // Pricing for Creative Entrepreneurs

Pricing for creative entrepreneurs

How do you price yourself and your work when you’re first starting out as a creative entrepreneur? We’re talking practical math equations to find the minimum amount you need to live, pricing with your gut, and having conversations about money with your friends or fellow trusted creatives. This minisode is brought to you by: Twenty20 […]

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Episode #142 // Tap into Your Pleasure with Arielle Loren

Arielle Loren on Being Boss Podcast

Sexual energy is the foundation of creative energy—that’s what business strategist, Arielle Loren, strongly believes. So in this episode, we’re talking all about how to tap into your pleasure and sensual energy (especially as a woman), and how it can help you grow confidence in your business. This episode is brought to you by: Small […]

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Episode #141 // Digital Detox and Productivity with Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook

Paul Jarvis & Jason Zook Being Boss Podcast

We’re jamming with our boss boyfriends, Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook! We’re talking about all things digital detoxes, publishing a book, and monetizing podcasts—plus all the silly tangents you can expect when you get us all together. This episode is brought to you by: Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You – Sign up for […]

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