Episode #141 // Digital Detox and Productivity with Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook

Paul Jarvis & Jason Zook Being Boss Podcast

We’re jamming with our boss boyfriends, Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook! We’re talking about all things digital detoxes, publishing a book, and monetizing podcasts—plus all the silly tangents you can expect when you get us all together. This episode is brought to you by: Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You – Sign up for […]

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Episode #140 // Building a Quality Product with Karen Young of Oui Shave

Karen Young on Being Boss Podcast

The secret to a successful product-based business? Make the quality so great that your customers can’t help but be fiercely loyal. At least that’s what Karen Young of Oui Shave did when she decided to take on the women’s razor industry. We’re talking with her about building a quality product, creating lasting relationships with your clients, […]

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Episode #139 // Energetic Boundaries

Energetic boundaries for creative entrepreneurs

As a creative entrepreneur, it’s especially important to take care of your energetic boundaries to put your best work into your business. So we’re talking about what causes energetic drains, how to put up and maintain energetic boundaries, the 40 hour work week, and work/life priorities. This episode is brought to you by: Small Business […]

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Episode #138 // Niching Down with Jessica Mehring

Jessica Mehring on Being Boss Podcast

You’ve heard the importance of “niching down,” so today we’re talking with Jessica Mehring about finding a specific niche—especially as a writer. We’re getting into the specifics of how finding your niche helps you better serve your clients, how to network as a writer, and managing your time wisely so you can produce your best […]

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Episode #135 // White Hot Truth with Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte on Being Boss Podcast

Danielle LaPorte, author of The Fire Starters Sessions, The Desire Map, and now White Hot Truth joins us on the Being Boss Podcast to drop some truth bombs around self-help, embracing paradoxes of guilt and expansion, and moving through life and business with an open heart while maintaining some solid boundaries. This episode is brought to you by: […]

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Episode #134 // Rejection and Resilience with Jessica Lauren

Jessica Lauren of No Real Jewelry on Being Boss Podcast

Jessica Lauren of No Real Jewelry joins us to talk about resilience in the face of rejection, growing a style blog, and finding the balance of being vulnerable and real while still sharing a curated image of yourself on social media. This episode is brought to you by: Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You […]

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Episode #133 // Launching Before You’re Ready with Merideth VanSant

Merideth VanSant Being Boss Podcast

Merideth VanSant, founder of 405 Yoga and True U Girls, joins us on Being Boss to talk about quitting her corporate job to start a yoga studio, giving the middle finger to fear, and focusing on community and listening to your clients to grow your business and stand out from your competitors. This episode is […]

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