It’s Time to Feel Clear + Confident As a Business Owner

Episode 300

What It Means To Do The Work

May 3, 2022

What does it mean to do the work? After 7 years and 300 episodes, Emily reboots the very first Being Boss podcast episode. She explores why doing the work is what separates the hobbyists from the professionals, why it is critical to also have a devotion to the craft of business, and why having self-awareness is necessary for getting what you want. This concept continues to be a cornerstone of our conversations in our community and other entrepreneurs. Because when you show up to do the work, you are being boss.

Episode Transcript
"Being Boss means turning your passion or creativity into revenue that fuels your life."
- Emily Thompson

Discussed in this Episode

  • Emily takes a look back at the start of the Being Boss podcast and Episode #1
  • Why doing the work is what separates the hobbyists from the professionals
  • Having a devotion to the craft of business and to your own journey
  • Why it is important to have self-awareness and define what success is to you
  • Learning to trust the process and getting comfortable with fully showing up
  • Doing the work as a mindset or a way of being
  • Learning what it looks like for you to do the work and staying in tune with that
  • What it looks like to expand your capacity for success

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


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