Episode #100 // Best of Being Boss

This is our 100th episode of Being Boss!! So we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favorite Being Boss moments and episodes thus far. We’re sharing behind-the-scenes thoughts from talking to some of our favorite guests and things that might have changed since those recordings. Plus, we’ve got all new episode music!

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Paul Jarvis: building relationships and enjoying the process
  • Brené Brown: mic drop moments for creative entrepreneurs
  • Live podcast recordings in NOLA, Miami, and Toronto and connecting with our audience face-to-face
  • Tara Street: owning your creative expertise wisdom for creative entrepreneurs
  • Jay Pryor: pre-paving and practical manifestation
  • The Chalkboard Method: manifesting dream clients + goals
  • Caitlin Brehm: breaking down a difficult topic (SEO) in an easy way for fellow creatives
  • Tiffany Ima: Bringing your personal style into your business
  • When Your Metrics Suck: getting vulnerable on-air and having real conversations
  • Being Boss guest blog posts
  • Tara Gentile: creating a business model for creative business owners

to be human is to be creative


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