Episode #167 // Making a Podcast

Making a Podcast

We’re launching a new podcast: Making a Business. So let’s take a minute to get meta and talk about podcasting. We’re sharing why we’re starting a new podcast, how we’re using it as another content marketing tool, what we’re considering in terms of structure and production, and how we’re approaching monetization. “Whenever you can replicate […]

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Episode #164 // Bringing Mindfulness to Your Work with Leah Weiss

Leah Weiss on Being Boss Podcast

Bosses, today we’re focusing on bringing more mindfulness to your work. Leah Weiss, lecturer, researcher, and meditation expert at Stanford Business School, joins us today to talk about the importance of building relationships in the workspace and bringing mindfulness to what you do—beyond just sitting in meditative silence. This episode is brought to you by: […]

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Episode #163 // The Problem with the Present Moment – We’re Talking about Meditation

Meditation for creative entrepreneurs

We’re feeling re-inspired to dive back into a regular meditation practice, so in this episode, we’re talking about our experiences with meditation, some resources we draw upon to cultivate our meditation practices, and practical steps on how to get into your own meditation practice. I have a lot of resistance that comes up around the […]

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Episode #160 // Building a Customer-Focused Business with Brooke Castillo

Brooke Castillo on Being Boss Podcast

Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School joins us today to talk all about how to become a coach, building a customer-focused business, and what to do when running a business doesn’t feel easy. This episode is brought to you by: Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You – Sign up for a free trial. […]

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Episode #159 // Bringing Awareness to Gender and Race with Yolanda T. Cochran

Writer and Principal in the production industry, Yolanda T. Cochran, joins us to talk about succeeding as a creative in the film production industry, creating change when it comes to a diversity of gender and race in the production and entertainment industry, and how we can approach difficult conversations when it comes to diversity and […]

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Episode #158 // Using Tarot Archetypes to Build Business Confidence with Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot

Biddy Tarot on Being Boss Podcast

You might be experimenting with using tarot to help you make business decisions, but what about using it to cultivate more confidence? Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot joins us to talk about using the tarot card archetypes to cultivate more confidence in your business, working with cards that you might feel resistant to, and making money by […]

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Episode #156 // Design Thinking with Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey, Creative Director at Freshbooks Cloud Accounting, joins us to talk about implementing Design Thinking in your creative process, managing your time as a creative with a full-time job, and redefining art. This episode is brought to you by: Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You – Sign up for a free trial. Topics […]

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Episode #155 // Keeping Perspective with Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra Franzen on Being Boss Podcast

Alexandra Franzen joins us on Being Boss to talk about staying motivated as a creative when you’re feeling deflated, experimenting with which online platforms work for you and your business, and learning from criticism and disappointment. This episode is brought to you by: Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You – Sign up for a free […]

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Episode #153 // Forget Passion, Follow Curiosity with Kelsey Murphy

Do the things you’re curious about make their way onto your calendar to be part of your everyday? Kelsey Murphy joins us on Being Boss to talk about knowing when to quit your job, trying new things (and becoming a more interesting person along the way), and how to follow your curiosity versus pursuing a […]

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Episode #150 // The Impostor Complex with Tanya Geisler

It’s time for our favorite topic: fighting those fraudy feelings! Or as Tanya Geisler calls it: the Impostor Complex. Bosses, we’re digging into the lies the Impostor Complex tries to make us believe, how to cope with the Impostor Complex, and the importance of getting into a relationship with your creativity and success. This episode […]

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