“Take Care of Yourself”

That's a Good Thing

“Take Care of Yourself”

You hear people say it all the time — but we mean it.

Running a business in the middle of a pandemic is no joke, so please take time when you need it to care for yourself. It’s true, we all willingly signed up for this adventure of a lifetime called entrepreneurship. But none of us expected to run a business amid a global pandemic.

Real talk —> the stress of COVID-19 can start to make our extraordinary adventure feel like an extraordinary shit show fast if we’re not intentional about taking care of ourselves.

Fortunately, you’ve got a community at your fingertips ready to help and offer up nuggets of wisdom when the stress starts to pile up (especially around the holidays). That’s why this week’s collection is full of ways to be kinder to your mind, body, and biz.

Routine not working? Drop it sans the guilt. Tired of FOMO? Try JOMO instead. And if finding time to work out only adds to the stress in your life, these yoga chair moves should help. We also have links to keep going and growing despite all that life throws at us.

So go ahead, get scrolling and remember to take care of yourself, boss. We mean it. 😉

Be Kind to Yourself. You Deserve It.

  • Not great at keeping a routine? Don’t be so hard on yourself. It might not even matter! (article)

  • Staying perfectly in the present is tough, which is why we suggest you try this. (article)

  • Squeeze in a little TLC for yourself with these 11 chair yoga poses. (article)

  • Sometimes the best decisions are those that take time. (podcast)

  • Forget FOMO! We’re all about the JOMO (joy of missing out). (podcast)

  • Turns out what motivates you could be the deciding factor in what kind of business you should run. (article)

  • Trust us, you’re probably stronger than you give yourself credit for. (article)

  • What’s an enneagram number and what does your number say about you? (article)

Just Keep Growing

  • A tale of two companies: How businesses can grow in two ways (organic and inorganic growth). (article)

  • From social media to SEO: here are 26 ways to drive web traffic your way. (article)

  • Your best resource for bringing in new clients? The clients you already have. (article)

  • Tips from SoulCycle’s founders on how to build community, without the sweat. (article)

  • Find yourself micromanaging folks? Cringe. Here’s how to hold your team accountable without the yucky micromanager vibes. (article)

  • Slack off: Time-saving Slack features that will keep you sane when you need time away from work. (article)

  • Hmmmm… Should this be an email, Asana message or Slack DM? Before you hit send, here’s a rundown of the best communication tools and when to use them. (article)

  • If you’re looking for your next great hire, try social recruiting. (article)

  • Sometimes two can be better than one in business. (video)

  • Feeling on fire some days and unable to focus the next day is no fun for anyone. These tips will help you keep it steady. (article) 

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