How do we incorporate magic into our business? Our listeners love the “woo” we bring to our episodes (tarot, manifestation, intention-setting, etc) and we’ve packaged them up into this resource page. Find ways to bring magic and intention into your business with one of our full-length podcasts, a minisode, or our featured articles.

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Intentional habits and routines are at the core of showing up to do the work for any boss. But adding a little magic to your daily routines can really kick them up a notch, helping you to tap into your intuition and what the universe has in store for you. In this episode, Emily is […]

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In this episode, the Taking Action Tarot Spread worksheet was mentioned. Download your copy here!

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How do we incorporate magic into our business? Our listeners have been loving the “woo” we bring to our episodes (tarot, manifestation, intention-setting, etc), so today we’re talking about practical ways we bring magic and intention into our businesses.

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