What Magic In Business Looks Like

I’ve been called a witch more than once for using magic in business.

The first time was after I concocted an herbal prescription of twigs and leaves and scorpion shells for a patient with facial paralysis. (I’m a health coach, acupuncturist, and herbalist—not an actual witch mind you.) He said it tasted like dirt, but after drinking it for a week he could smile and talk and feel like himself again so he was grateful.

He called me a witch.

He meant it as a compliment and I took it as one. Because I guess you could say I am kinda like a witch. I’m like a witch because I passionately believe in myself and the work I’m doing in the world.

In tarot, the Magician card shows a figure surrounded by magical tools, with one hand pointing up to the sky and one hand pointing down to the earth. The Magician represents the human element that is needed for magic to occur—to convert ideas into action.

Because magic is all about belief.

Magic isn’t only about being #woowooAF, consulting the tarot before a big launch, or having the biggest crystal collection around.

It is about having belief in what you’re doing and being boss enough to see it through.

How I use magic in business


This past month has been a rough one for me. I’m not quite sure if it’s the waning sunlight, the impending winter weather, or other astrological forces at work, but I’ve been lacking the drive and motivation that has pushed me to where I’ve gotten in business up until this point.

Feeling completely out of my comfort zone, I’ve had way more instances of indecisiveness and fraudy feelings than ever before. So naturally, I reached for my tarot deck.

I pulled a spread to help gain clarity and insight and the reading was clear. It was like one big Ryan Gosling meme saying: Hey girl. The answer is right in front of you. Just open your eyes.

Business Tarot Spread

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Reading tarot gives me a structured way to tap into my intuition. I’m a creative entrepreneur; I easily get lost in a sea of my own thoughts and often fall down a deep well of ideas and possibilities that more often than not leave me feeling more stressed than inspired. The tarot helps me narrow in and focus on exactly what’s in my best interest at one given time.

3-Card Business Tarot Spread

A super simple three-card tarot spread I use frequently for both myself and my creative entrepreneur clients is this:

  1. Something to focus on

  2. Something to let go of

  3. The overarching message

And yes, I know that tarot can feel way too “woo” or “witchy” for many people, but all tarot is really doing is spreading your thoughts out in front of you in a very visual way so you can sort through them from a new perspective.

If tarot isn’t your thing, draw, doodle, journal, or mind map out what’s pulling at you from all sides. Putting all your thoughts down on paper in a visual manner helps you see what needs your focus, what you can move off your plate, and what the bigger picture is.


We all cast spells in our business whether we’re aware of it or not: Putting pen to paper and writing down goals for the quarter. Sharing out loud your hopes and dreams to a circle of your peers. Closing your eyes and making a wish before hitting send on a quote proposal. The words themselves aren’t magical, but having total belief in yourself and your words gives those words exponential power.

One way I like to use my intentions to create magic in my business is with my chalkboard. (If you’re not familiar with the chalkboard, go back and listen to Being Boss episode #79). Every quarter I take a photo of my completed chalkboard, wipe it clean, sage it (I gotta bring at least a little woo-woo to it), start a fresh one, and sit with it in meditation, putting my intention and trust into it for the coming quarter.

Candle Magic

Because really, the hardest part of the chalkboard (and of magic in general for me) is letting go of attachment to a specific outcome and having total and complete trust. Trusting that no matter what, the universe has my back. So I set my intention, do the work, and try to trust.

Magic or not, there’s power in broadcasting the goals you have for your business—whether you do it out loud or on paper. By doing so, you’re making that goal or intention concrete in your brain, and when your brain sees something as tangible and real, it works hard to keep it.


Historically, new witches learned magic directly from more experienced witches and would join a coven to become versed in the history and rituals of the craft.

When I first started my business, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing—at least on the business side of things. But I put my nose to the grindstone and I did the work. Then I came across Emily and Kathleen and the Being Boss community and I felt like I had finally found my place.

Witches perform rituals with their covens because they know there’s incredible power when magic is performed in groups. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been to Being Boss vacations in NOLA and Miami, and although these vacations were totally business centered and very few of the women attending even considered themselves very “woo,” on each vacation, I truly felt like I had witnessed something magical.

Being Boss NOLA Vacation

Now, when I want to imbue something in my life with a little extra magic, I enlist my coven (wolfpack, circle, etc) for their help and intentions too. There is something ritualistic and comforting about checking in on a regular basis, setting intentions or goals for the coming week/month/year, and sharing advice based on what we’ve learned in our own practice along the way.

All in all, magic doesn’t happen one afternoon in Professor Snape’s potions class or around a Ouija board. Magic happens when you acknowledge your creative talents and then hustle to bring your creativity to life.

We Believe in the Power of Magic

Here at Being Boss, we believe in the success of using magic in business. We’ve been sharing practical ways to incorporate magic and intention into your business practices in the Community and on the podcast for a while now.

“90% of the magic is showing up for it to happen.” – Kathleen Shannon

If you are skeptical about the idea of magic, you might be surprised to find that you have magical moments in your life already. It can be a simple as speaking your wants and goals out loud and sharing them with others. Even the practice of intentionally setting business goals, is a form of intention setting and manifestation.

Being open to magic in your life and work can help you level up as a CEO. It allows you to truly connect with who you are and what you want to build. That means your company and work will be a better reflection of your unique offering.

“Connecting with your intuition gives you an advantage over every business owner out there who’s just following blueprints and checklists.” – Emily Thompson

Where the Magic Happens

Our Community + Events

New Moon Intention Setting

Clubhouse members take part in the practice of new moon intention setting to center yourself and promote continual growth and evolution with your fellow bosses in a monthly prompt with journaling support and a live call on each new moon.

Gathering: Guided By Intuition Replay

In October 2020, we got woo-woo for three days of virtual events for creative entrepreneurs who wanted to feel more alignment between their personal and professional, between their heart and their actions. The event aimed to connect bosses with the wisdom of your intuition, embrace the tools that will help them connect, and use their inner guidance to set goals + take action.

Gathering: Rituals for Creativity + business

In October 2021, we brought back the woo for two days of virtual events to connect creative entrepreneurs with the tools to turn mundane habits and routines into rituals for creativity and work. Helping bosses infuse everyday tasks with magic to help set goals and take action.

Clubhouse Workshops

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  • Healing Crystals 101

  • Fall Back In Love With Your Biz With Breathwork

Clubhouse members also gain access to replays of these events.

Podcast Magic

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