It was the last Saturday of the month, and I felt like having a fun conversation with members in my Facebook Group about their goals. I created a graphic with the words “Monthly Manifestations” and hit post.

Within seconds a member questioned why I would use the word “manifest” in a business group and insisted that my mystical tendencies were inappropriate.

I disagreed. And so did many others.

I know the concept of manifesting tends to be thought of as too ‘woo’ for some. It is a powerful tool spiritual gurus have practiced for decades. But it’s also a tool athletes, millionaires, and CEO’s around the world use to further their lives.

Business and mindset coaches teach their clients to visualize around their goals. Manifestation takes the visualization practice into a higher state of consciousness by invoking our emotions and feelings. We’re asking our mind to believe we already have our heart’s desires—as if they are sitting right in front of us this very second.

Manifestation takes practice. It requires a lot of mirror work, digging up our roots, and being able to admit when we’re in our own way.

I’m a storyteller trainer. I am also an intuitive and have been working my spiritual and manifestation journey for a decade now. As an entrepreneur, I can say I’ve manifested some crazy magical experiences.

I’ve manifested a feature in Glamour magazine.
I’ve manifested grants, clients, and trips.
I’ve manifested an awesome publisher.

I believe strongly in the power of manifestation and practice it daily. I climb into my meditation chair every morning with a cup of coffee, notebook, and pen, and I feel into the manifestations I welcome into my life the most.

Our thoughts and feelings impact our reality, and in my experience, my manifestations have resulted through the words I use and the stories I tell. There’s an energy to every story we tell. And most of our stories start in our journals or in the mirror.

Our stories act as magnets in life. The energy attached to our words and stories has a lot to do with what we manifest in life.

When we share our stories, we’re putting something out into the world. A reaction will happen with every story we tell. It’s law.

The energy will create a ripple effect of some kind. If we’re sharing stories with a negative energy, more negativity will emerge. If our stories are created from a place of peace and love, that is what will show up to support us.

Some helpful tips to manifesting:

Find Your Roots

In order to change what shows up in life, dig up old patterns and stories and find the roots to your own stuff. Ask yourself why these patterns keep showing up. Are you willing to change them? If so, write out how it would feel if a new pattern came in. Focus on the feeling!

Sharing is Caring

So often we write what we’re grateful for and the second we close our books, we’re back in daily life. The vibration and feeling is gone. We aren’t putting anything into action. And the action is what matters. Every action equals a reaction. It’s law. Take action with the most loving energy you have and watch what happens.

Watch your mouth

Words are your ultimate Super Power. For real. They are. Ditch words like WANT, NEED, DESIRE & WISH from your journal, blogs, posts, and day-to-day conversation. They all mean LACK. There is no room for improvement or manifestation when we proclaim lack all day long. That’s law too.


Manifestation is a healthy term to use in business, at home, in love, and in life. It’s a conscious word with a lot of depth to it. Take your visualization practice to a new level and start making a list of what you manifest in life. It will surprise you!


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