Working for yourself with kids is no easy task. Balancing starting and running your business while growing your family, or going on vacation, may seem like more than you can handle. You can do it! It just takes foundational steps to manage your many responsibilities.

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How do you plan for maternity leave as a business owner? In this episode, Emily and Eman Ismail, professional email copywriter, discuss the importance of taking time off post-partum. Eman shares her experience preparing for maternity leave and how she eased back into her business afterward. In a society that pressures women to choose between […]

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A huge part of our boss identity is that we’re also moms. Being creative business owners has allowed us to parent the way we want, and we know a lot of our boss listeners are also mothers or want to be mothers. So today, we’re sharing our own boss parenting styles and how we balance […]

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This one is for the mom bosses out there. Arianna Taboada—maternal health consultant—is jamming with us all about being pregnant while running a business, being boss with a baby, and building a family while building a business.

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To the working moms, mom-to-be’s, and mamapreneurs—this episode is for you! We’re talking with postpartum health expert Rebecca Egbert about self care—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually—for mothers who are also boss.

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As creative entrepreneurs, you (usually) get to choose where you want to work. So today we want to talk about the pros and cons of working from home and tips on how to establish work / life balance & boundaries so you can work from home like a boss.

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10 Minutes to Being Boss

Question: “How do you deal with having your kids at home all day and still find the time to run not one, but two businesses? And to add a bit on top of that, you homeschool too!”

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Business advice for first-time moms who are juggling a creative business and a new baby. Today’s minisode comes from our live Being Boss event at Freshbooks headquarters in Toronto and we’re sharing our tips for creative entrepreneurs who are also venturing into motherhood but don’t want to give up their businesses.

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Today we’re getting personal. We’ve had members of our Facebook group ask us some questions about things we’ve mentioned in previous episodes, that they’d like to hear more about—from owning rental properties to homeschooling and daycare to our relationships/partners.

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