You want to write a book and get it published, right? But do you know the steps needed to do the work and then get paid? From Finding Your Voice to How to Get a Book Deal, Being Boss provides you with the resources to make your dream of publishing a book a reality.

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Are authors business owners? It depends on who you ask. In this episode, Emily of Being Boss talks with self-published author Tasha L. Harrison on what it takes to make book authoring a legitimate business. They discuss publishing, the benefit of writer groups, and how to turn a writing hobby into a career. Plus, Tasha […]

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What is the process of writing a book? In this episode, Leigh Bardugo, the New York Times bestselling author of Ninth House and the creator of the Shadow and Bone trilogy (now a Netflix original series) shares her approach to book writing. Leigh and Emily discuss different steps in the creative process, how to keep […]

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Putting aside the strict business talk, Emily and Kathleen discuss the importance of being a creative, the difference between a creative process and a business process, what being creative actually looks like, cooking, and how to keep going when you get blocked.

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When did you last take time to practice your craft? In today’s episode, Kathleen and Emily discuss how to get better at what you do by finding ways to continue educating yourself, whether it be with books, new tools, school, or even a mentorship. They also explore the idea of pivoting versus evolving, Kathleen getting […]

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The Being Boss book is officially out in the world! In today’s Being Boss episode, we’re in celebration mode and we want to share ALL the behind-the-scenes to what it takes to envision, write, edit, design, record an audiobook, and bring a book into the world.

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In this episode, the Content Brainstorm worksheet was mentioned. Download your copy here!

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If you haven’t heard by now, we recently published a book: Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work + Live Life on Your Own Terms, and after going on a mini book tour to celebrate with some of our bosses in person, we had a lot of people asking us how we got a book […]

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