As a business owner, we have an opportunity to step fully into the values that define us as human beings. Making a difference can be as simple as weaving your personal values into your mission, or as big as creating a non-profit organization. No matter how you want to be impactful, the fact is: you can build a business for the purpose that speaks to you.

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What is your legacy? Starting a business is a generational venture for many business owners in today’s world. In this episode, Emily Thompson chats with Ella Livingston of Cocoa Asante about how starting a business can contribute to building a legacy for your family. They discuss how the chocolate industry works, why Ella is passionate […]

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What does diversifying your business mean? These days, many businesses are focused on implementing DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) for building a more inclusive company. But where should you start if you don’t know how to set up inclusive workplace practices? In this episode, Emily talks with Erica Courdae, a professional DEI coach and educator […]

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Most business owners want to build their business to support their life, crafting the ideal work/life balance. But as we go along this entrepreneurial journey, things often begin revolving entirely around our work. In this episode, join Emily and her business bestie, Megan Flatt, as they talk about entrepreneurship, motherhood, and what it takes to […]

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Erica Courdae joins Emily to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion in business in the six months following the murder of George Floyd. They also check-in on the DEI commitments made by businesses, the difference between being explicit and implicit with your values and intentions, and staying grounded in the face of adversity.

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What does it actually look like to start a non-profit business? In today’s episode, Shawanda Mason-Moore, co-founder of the educational non-profit, The Chattery, talks us through some of the logistics of starting and running a non-profit and how the non-profit (or for-purpose) business mindset is different from how we usually view business on Being Boss.

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