Across the country, people are feeling the effects of the election. Whether you feel great, terrible, or somewhere muddled in-between, it can be hard to simultaneously have near-and-dear beliefs while not wanting them to hinder your personal brand.

On the one hand, part of why you became a boss is so you could live your life on your terms. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or ridiculed for having a strong set of values. But on the other hand, mixing business and politics can be tricky. Your clients may not have the same life experiences as you do, leading to two potentially different political outlooks. You may want to avoid accidentally offending someone on a personal level or alienating clients whose lives have lead them to a different set of values.

Regardless of your political party, there are plenty of ways to live your values in the day-to-day operations of your business without ticking off half of the general population. Here’s a few I try to live by that have allowed me to live my values while building a profitable business.

Use your gifts to benefit mankind

I’m a copywriter, and I use that gift to help other entrepreneurs beat the statistics and succeed. I’m also a freelance journalist, and I can use that gift to help shine a spotlight on causes and people that I believe are making a positive impact in the world. How can you use your event planning skills to bless the world? What about your graphic design passion or your killer recipes?

Get involved in projects that matter

One of my clients is launching an amazing photo series that highlights domestic violence survivors and tells their stories, and I had the honor of writing the website copy for her. As creatives, we’re lucky to be in industries that have a lot more imagination and originality than the typical boardroom. What projects could you become involved in that are more about impact than profit? Is there a non-profit you love that you could collaborate with somehow?

Donate your profits

Commit to donating 10% of your income in 2017 to causes that matter to you. This can be done publicly—for instance, if you hold a special one week where you announce you’ll donate 50% of your profits to the non-profit of your choice—or privately. One of the blessings of being boss is that you can decide where the profits from your company go, and you can use them to not just impact your family’s life, but the life of your fellow citizens. No matter how much or little money you’re making, you can always make donating to causes you care about a priority.

Keep your morals at the forefront of everything you do

Many people from all political parties feel that when they look around, they see liars, thieves, and people who don’t care about others. Let your morals flood your business from top to bottom. Run your business the way you wish our country was run. Some of my values? I try to always be honest with clients, avoid making outlandish or exaggerated statements, and charge fair prices that reflect my worth while allowing entrepreneurs to receive quality writing at an affordable cost.


At the end of the day, you’re the boss. If you want to rock a political cover photo or voice your healthcare opinions on Instagram, go for it! But no matter where the soapbox “line” is for you, you can still embrace your values and live them out in your business. By doing so, you’re not only living your truth and helping others, but you’re allowing your business to flourish in a more honest way.

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