It’s Time to Feel Clear + Confident As a Business Owner

Creativity is what fuels us, but can also be what overwhelms us. If you’re here, you’re most likely a multi-passionate creative and you know this all too well. What we’ve found through our conversations is that setting up structure to help your creativity have it’s own space is what will help cultivate the life you’re wanting to build for yourself. Let us help you pave the way to be a more creative boss.

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Thinking about starting a passion project? In this episode, Being Boss co-founders Emily and Kathleen talk about Kathleen’s new creative side project. They discuss balancing creative expression with professional optimization, why Kathleen finally started a YouTube channel, and staying in integrity as a creator.

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Content creation has become an important part of how we promote our businesses online. But how do you approach your content strategy responsibly and with intention? In this episode, Emily and Kathleen discuss the current state of content marketing, the pros and cons of creating content, and the evolution of content creation since they started […]

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What does it look like to run a profitable blog? In this episode, Emily of Being Boss chats with Joy the Baker, a successful food blogger, author, and teacher. Joy shares her process of becoming a self-taught baker, monetizing her blog, and publishing several cookbooks. They discuss how to make a business out of doing […]

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How can creative business owners equip themselves with the magic of creativity? If you’re a visionary entrepreneur or artist, you likely know the struggle to find a balance between the mundane and the meaningful. In this episode, Emily chats with Chris-Anne, an oracle deck creator, designer, and marketing strategist. Together they explore the power of […]

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Maybe you’re someone who has found your creative voice by following the nudges on your spiritual journey. Since art and spirituality go so closely hand-in-hand, what can be learned from combining the two in a profitable business? In this episode, artist, writer, and oracle deck creator Alana Fairchild joins us to discuss how she navigates […]

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In this episode, the What’s In Your Orbit worksheet was mentioned. Download your copy here!

10 Minutes to Being Boss

At some point in running a business, creative entrepreneurs often find themselves focusing more on everyday tasks like email, social media content, and other administrative tasks and forgetting that the main reason they started their business is to have creative freedom and to do work that they love. In this episode, join Emily as she […]

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Question: “We all hear that creativity fuels you, but I find that my creative work drains me. Am I doing it wrong?”

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What do you do if you’re inspired to be an entrepreneur and you feel like you have the drive to be your own boss, but you don’t know what to do? We’re talking about how to find your calling and what to do with that motivation to be your own boss when you don’t quite […]

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Today’s minisode is all about how to set up a productive workspace. We’re sharing how our own workspaces have evolved over time and things we like in our environment to put us in the boss mindset and do the work.

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