Learn how to alleviate stress based on your moon sign

I bet you’re feeling burned out. Who isn’t these days? The stress of the past few years keeps piling on, and we somehow keep moving, despite being exhausted and overwhelmed by our to-do lists. We’re juggling a million things and hoping nothing falls and breaks. Burnout is a vicious cycle. As soon as you get your head above water, another wave comes to knock you down. So how do we escape burnout once we’re in its claws?

That question has been swirling around in my mind lately. After months of trial and error in trying to stop the burnout cycle, I went back to the basics for me. Anytime I feel overwhelmed or stuck, I always do the same thing. I look to the stars. I look to astrology. That is how I find my way back to myself time and time again. And while I don’t think astrology has all the answers, I do believe we can learn some helpful guidance. And perhaps a little more about ourselves by slowing down and paying attention to the cosmos. 

The planets of our birth chart make up a personal map for us. One that can show us the path home to ourselves and even how to find ease in a world suffering from burnout.

Self-care Practices By Your Moon Sign

What exactly is burnout?

The term “burnout” was first coined by psychologist Herbert Freudenberger in 1975, who defined burnout in three parts: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and decreased sense of accomplishment. You’re tired beyond your physical body. You no longer have the capacity for empathy. You feel like it doesn’t matter what you do; everything will stay the same. So how do we get out of this burnout cycle? When it comes to burnout, we often think we need to take more time off, do less work, or add more self-care to our day, making our to-do lists even longer.

But true recovery from burnout requires connecting with others, giving ourselves time to rest, eating foods that fuel us, and moving our body in ways that feel good. We can use these activities to break up the situations that add stress to our lives. This helps keep the stress from becoming burnout. For example, establishing a bedtime routine that ensures you get the amount of rest your body needs can go a long way to helping your body deal with stress and keep it from piling up.

How can astrology help with burnout?

Astrology, at its heart, is just another tool to help you get to know yourself better. And that’s the true key when it comes to dealing with and preventing burnout. Through reflection and learning more about yourself, you add more tools to your toolbox for dealing with and preventing burnout. Tools like knowing what types of social connections fill you up versus drain you. Or understanding what kinds of movements increase the tension in your body instead of helping you relax. We can get caught up in doing what is trendy instead of checking in to find out what truly allows you to feel better.

But sometimes, it seems overwhelming to understand these things. Where do you start? There are so many choices! This is where astrology can come in handy. Astrology can give you a launching point, a place to start from. If you’re open, curious, and willing to explore from that point on, you can discover more about yourself and what helps you feel like you at the end of the day. 

Your moon sign and burnout

Your natal moon sign, or the sign the moon was in at the time of your birth, is an excellent beginner way to understand how astrology can help with burnout. Astrology has become more mainstream recently, so many of us already know our moon sign.

If you don’t know your moon sign, there are plenty of resources to help you look it up, like this calculator on cafeastrology.com.

In astrology, the moon deals with our emotions and subconscious desires, including self-care. The astrological sign the moon was in when you were born shapes your emotional temperament and illuminates what makes you feel safe and secure. Because the Moon represents our emotions, your natal moon sign can guide you to the self-care routines and habits that will help you replenish your emotional well each day.

The self-care each moon sign thrives in isn’t so much about bubble baths and massages but what type of emotional connection soothes your soul. It’s a guidepost that helps you get clarity on how to release tension and decompress from a mental and emotional point. I like to call this soul care.

Soul care practices for each moon sign

Aries Moon

An Aries Moon wants to rush ahead. Nothing happens quite fast enough for this sign. Soothing activities include beginning new projects, going on adventures, exploring something new, and taking risks. Fiery Aries Moon gets comfort from taking action.


Taurus Moon

With a Moon in Taurus, physical comfort is necessary. This pamper-loving sign thrives on material things like good eats and massages. This sign isn’t quick to act but prefers to process how they feel and likes to surround themselves with luxurious items, such as soft and beautiful clothing.


Gemini Moon

This sign is witty and charming and can change its mind frequently. Because they like to absorb and share information, the communicative air sign Gemini gets comfort from talking, singing, and journaling. A game night with friends, writing in a journal, and socializing with others all help them process their day.


Cancer Moon

Watery Cancer likes to nurture others. They are highly in touch with their feelings and the feelings of those around them. This sentimental sign likes to spend time with family and close friends, providing a safe space. Be sure to turn that nurturing spotlight onto yourself and let someone else know what you need.


Leo Moon

With a Moon in Leo, recognition for your efforts is a must. This sign loves to let their hair down and play just as hard as they work. With Leo, fun is comfort. Expressing your creative side through art, dance or theatre helps you release the day’s worries. Find your creative passion and tend to it.


Virgo Moon

Earthy Virgo finds comfort in routine and organization. These folks feel at ease taking care of the mundane tasks that keep everyday life running. For Virgo, order means having support and feeling prepared. Making lists and practicing nourishing routines help this sign de-stress and avoid ruminating.


Libra Moon

A Libra Moon has a strong need for partnership and someone to share their life with. They seek harmony and balance, and spending time with others helps them de-stress. Practicing self-love, using positive affirmations, meditating, and journaling also helps this sign find balance.


Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon folks thrive in emotional waters. While others may want to tune out their feelings, this sign likes digging to get to what is underneath the surface. This sign gains comfort through expressing passion. Cultivating a spiritual practice, embracing your passion and sexuality, working with your shadow self, and exploring forgiveness work all help this moon sign let the day go.


Sagittarius Moon

Wanderlust Sagittarius Moon craves space to roam and be free. This optimistic sign needs to feel like they can come and go as they please. Learning something new and taking a trip are both comforts for the explorer Sagittarius. Spending time outdoors and reading or learning about personal development or spirituality all help this sign feel safe and secure.


Capricorn Moon

For a Capricorn Moon, boundaries and goal setting is a must. This far-seeing sign knows where it wants to go and has a plan for how it will get there. Creating lists to get things out of your mind can help you let go of your worries. Do something with a tangible outcome that betters your life in some way – tackle a small chore, cook a meal, or fix something broken.


Aquarius Moon

This community-oriented sign loves hanging out with friends and working towards bettering the local community. They aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and often move to the beat of their own drum. An Aquarius Moon can often feel ‘different’, so finding friends they can connect  with emotionally is vital. Learning about the metaphysical and healing arts can also help this sign relax.


Pisces Moon

This mystical sign gravitates towards sleeping as comfort. Moon in Pisces folks are highly intuitive and dreamy, often with their heads in the clouds. The imagination soars for this sign. Cultivating a relationship with their intuition and taking time to ground and maintain boundaries help this sign relax.

Ready to learn more tools for dealing with burnout?

This is just one of many ways of approaching the mountain that burnout can feel like. The Being Boss Podcast gives some fantastic tips you can implement right now to escape this vicious cycle. Listen to Episode 143 – Dealing with Burnout or Episode 289 – Heal Your Relationship with Rest and Overcome Creative Burnout.

Tackling burnout isn’t about adding more self-care to your to-do list. It’s about connecting with others and finding ways to fill your mental and emotional cup. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Sara McCormick is a Soul Care Astrologer, weaving psychology and astrology together to help you find your path and purpose. She is the founder of Bella deLuna Astrology, where she creates tools for planning with the moon cycles, seasonal wisdom, and everyday magic, including the Soul Care Planner.