Episode #173 // Seasonal Work and Life

Seasonal living Being Boss Podcast

For this Earth Day episode, we’re talking about something we’ve really been cultivating as a practice: living seasonally. We’re sharing tips on working and living with the rhythms of nature.   “The seasons of the year can be easily reflected in all the things that we do.” -Emily Thompson “Living seasonally brings a very heavy […]

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BOSSES IN THE WILD // Kathleen on Truth Telling

Kathleen Shannon

Kathleen is a guest on Elizabeth DiAlto’s Truth Telling podcast, talking about meditation, motherhood, branding, being who you are, and the creative process. So in today’s minisode, Kathleen is digging into the idea of bringing your soul into your work and radiating goodness out into the world through the work you put out there. You can […]

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Episode #172 // Why You Need Better Contracts with Christina Scalera

Christina Scalera on Being Boss Podcast

When is the last time you refreshed your business contracts? In today’s episode, we’re talking with Christina Scalera about the importance of having a solid contract for your business and what specific things you might need to include in yours. Our business without a contract is like when kids have their toys scattered all over […]

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Episode #170 // Nurturing Connections with Monique Melton

Monique Melton on Being Boss Podcast

Whether you’re just starting your business or well into your stride, nurturing and building connections as a business owner is everything, so we had to have business and relationship coach, Monique Melton, join us to talk all about it. We’re diving into how to maintain strong relationships even if you’re an introvert or have a […]

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Episode #169 // Drawing from Your Content to Write a Book with Ezzie Spencer

Ezzie Spencer on Being Boss Podcast

It seems like everyone is publishing a book these days (ourselves included!), so we invited our friend and author, Ezzie Spencer of Lunar Abundance, to talk with us about drawing from your existing content and conversations from your clients and audience to write a book. “Writing a book is really a gateway to so many other […]

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Episode #168 // Money, Mindset, and Energy with Danetha Doe

Danetha Doe on Being Boss Podcast

What’s your money story? Danetha Doe is joining us on Being Boss to encourage us to dig into our money stories so we can develop a better relationship with money—on both an energetic and practical level. We’re talking about how we define money for ourselves, getting energetically aligned so we can accept more abundance into […]

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Episode #167 // Making a Podcast

Making a Podcast

We’re launching a new podcast: Making a Business. So let’s take a minute to get meta and talk about podcasting. We’re sharing why we’re starting a new podcast, how we’re using it as another content marketing tool, what we’re considering in terms of structure and production, and how we’re approaching monetization. “Whenever you can replicate […]

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