For the past two weeks this playlist has been affectionately titled SETH COHEN (all caps, obviously). I was thrilled when I discovered Hulu had put one of my favorite melodramatic teen shows on its platform.

You fall into one of two camps with The O.C. You loved The O.C. and you still love The O.C. (even though it was overly dramatic and the latter seasons were straight up silly) OR you don’t care about The O.C. and you are judging me. That’s fine. I can take it.

Whichever camp you are in, I’m here to remind you that The O.C. slayed at musical selection highlighting burgeoning early aught talent. This is in large part thanks to a #girlboss named Alexandra Patsavas. I didn’t know I could have a favorite music supervisor, but then Alex came along and I was sold. She went on to do music supervision for small projects like Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl and The Twilight Saga. She seems cool. I want to be her friend and thank her for her impeccable music taste. If you know her let me know.

Girl crush aside, let’s talk about summer. Summer is a funny season. For the first 22 years or so of your life, summer is this sacred season that is free and fun. Then you become an adult and summer break is no longer a reality, unless you are European or a teacher (yay you!), and you have to capture summer in small doses—pool parties, beach vacations, push pops, fireworks, past episodes of your beloved teenage drama. I’m not usually one for lingering in the past, but music does a great job of quickly relocating us to another time and place. Summer seems like the perfect time to take a pause and indulge in a little nostalgia.

So here’s to Summer, the season and Seth Cohen’s bae.

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