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Elise and Scott Grice of Hey, Sweet Pea, here!
First up, we have crazy, exciting, irresistible news! Enrollment for My Own Irresistible Brand returns April 1st! So mark your calendars and grab your dancing shoes, because it’s coming back and it’s better than ever!

Now on to the real goodness.

A few years ago, Scott and I stumbled upon a secret talent of ours. For awhile, we thought maybe it was just a fluke or a brilliant lucky streak. But after a solid few year track record, it’s even become a running joke amongst our extended family.

Our crazy-secret-talent: We can sell absolutely anything on Craigslist (the best online classifieds site).

We have this odd knack for selling all kinds of things (from coffee tables to wall decor, from musical instruments to electronics) very quickly and getting paid exactly what we asked for it. In fact, just this week, we sold our car in 24 hours. And true story: this wasn’t the first time we’ve done so. This was, in fact, the third car we’ve sold on Craigslist within 24 hours of listing it.

Jokingly, I told Scott: I think we just discovered the theme of our next irresistible letter. Because, all silliness aside, our success on Craigslist absolutely and completely relates to our philosophies on packaging offerings and making sales as a creative entrepreneur. So without further ado, I bring you one of our most epic emails to date:

How to Craigslist the heck out of your sales (and love every minute of it).

1. First off, the name, hook, and headline matter. When scrolling through Craigslist, there are thousands of products you could potentially buy. To use an industry buzzword, there’s lots of noise. It’s overwhelming how many options there are. As human beings, we’re inundated with ads and marketing tactics on a daily basis. Which means we’re always skimming until something catches our eye. Something truly has to stand out to really capture our undivided attention. So whether I’m naming a business or product, or I’m writing a headline or hook, my goal is to delight the customer from very first glance.

2. Secondly, you have to up the value.One of the first things we do is clean, prep, and polish whatever it is we’re selling. Then we stage the product and take beautiful photos that really show the details, leaving nothing to the imagination. By putting so much time and effort into creating and positioning the product, we create an alluring offering that truly stands out above the rest. Going the extra mile and really creating something people will love to buy, is key to sales. Our goal is to make it an easy-no-brainer-offer.

3. Then, we help them see the benefits. Every single time I sit down to write a description, I put myself in the buyer’s shoes. Why would they need this product? How would it add to their lives? Because whether I’m selling a $20 end table or a $10,000 branding package, I know that the words matter. I always include the product’s story, help them imagine the product as a part of their lives, and then list the product’s features. My goal is to always build trust and help them understand whether this product is the perfect have-to-buy fit for them.

4. We combat every excuse and answer every question. I don’t want any questions going unanswered and I definitely don’t want them showing up and finding something they didn’t expect. So I always think through every question or excuse they might have and expertly answer them before they’ve even thought to ask. This is absolutely crucial. By placing myself in their shoes, I’m ensuring that the sale is as effortless for both of us as possible. This means that when the buyer shows up to purchase the product (or when I send them an invoice or sales page), they’ll follow through and buy it with ease and excitement.

5. And last, but not least, we always establish trust. My goal is to be as upfront and honest about the product (flaws and all), as possible. This creates a sense of trust between us and the customers. I never write copy that’s misleading and I never sell a sub-part product. I’m always in it for the long-term gain of both myself and the lovely purchaser. Around here, we believe honesty and authenticity are the golden rules of business. So sell what you know, sell what you’re good at, and sell something you’re ridiculously proud of.

Whew! How’s that for an awesome Wednesday pep talk?! My hope is that all this goodness inspires you to take action and up your sales game today. Take one (or all of these ideas) for a spin on your own products + services. Then Tweet us your high-fives, your success stories, and your excitement!

Here’s to radically loving life and business,
Elise + Scott

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