Having a boss mindset is a topic we discuss a lot here at Being Boss and with good reason. As small business owners and entrepreneurs, our mindset around certain areas of business can be some of the biggest hurdles we face. Specifically, having a scarcity mindset around numbers in your business, whether it is revenue, website visitors or follower count, can lead us to being shortsighted when making some very important decisions.

How can we shift from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance? Below, four members of the Being Boss Community share the tips and tactics they have for keeping a healthy mindset around numbers in their business.

1. Practicing Gratitude and Avoiding Comparison

For keeping a mindset of abundance, I actually record each days sales on the monthly spread in my planner. Recording it here isn’t for goal purposes (although it is a great way to see my growth), it’s more for gratitude. The simple act of recording the sales ensures that I take a moment to thank the universe and my business for providing me with that daily revenue.

For avoiding the comparison game, I’ve learned that social media is very unhealthy for me. I have switched to using Facebook Business Manager to reply to all comments and DM’s. I use Tailwind to schedule out all of my IG posts and stories. These keeps me off of the feed, help me waste less time, but most importantly, from falling into the comparison trap multiple times per day.

Shannon Molnar // AllyBeth Design Co

2. Remember What Really Matters

I do have to continually remind myself that gross revenue is a vanity metric and what really matters is that I am able to live the life I want because of the business I’ve built and the systems of support I surround myself with. Whenever I catch myself comparing, I go back to this fact: My business doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s and is serving me well. I also have to power to change things as soon as they are no longer serving me. That is one of the great freedoms I have as the boss of my work and life!

Erika Neumayer Ehrat // Rare Dirndl

3. Train Your Mind with Daily Rituals

Regular daily practices are quick meditation, pulling a tarot card to see what guidance the universe has for me that day, a few minutes of envisioning ideal day/life, affirmations around money and making progress with my business. I’ve really committed to these things and while not all directly related to money mindset, they’ve made a HUGE difference.

Kara Ferreira // Kara + Co Creative

4. Identify What Feels Abundant to You

I just did a big mind hack on an abundant mindset and that came from journaling to find the words, visuals and physical objects that represent abundance for me. I came to the word confidence. To me I am more confident when in abundance and abundance brings me confidence. Manifesting this looks like a fancy pair of killer heels. So under my desk is now a pair of Gucci nude heels…feeling Boss!

Chaya Mistry // Humanly Consulting

Corinne Preston is the Content Production Manager at Being Boss. With a background as a graphic designer and creative director, she is driven by a passion to learn, explore, and make.