I just got back from speaking at Brené Brown’s Courage Camp, and today I want to talk about what I mean when I say “hustle” and “do the work.”

Topics discussed in this periscope:

  • The backlash against “the hustle” and what we mean when we say “do the work”
  • How the work looks different for everyone
  • How to handle your inner gremlins when it’s time to do the work
  • Polarity mapping: Embracing the AND between work and play
  • Noticing the warning signs of when you’re not embracing the “and” (especially as rest)
  • Scheduling white space
  • The difference between understanding the importance of something and actually embracing it


'Doing the work is not about looking outside for external validation.' Click To Tweet 'For me, doing the work always starts with one person, one conversation, one client, one offering.' Click To Tweet 'Let's embrace the 'and.'' Click To Tweet

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