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Resources to legally protect your community + biz.

We’re In This TogeTher

All of us at #TeamBeingBoss are committed to providing you with the support you need to create and grow your dream business(es). That means we show up to provide resources and facilitate boss conversations all about business. But being boss is about more than doing the work in your business. It’s also about crafting your dream life and community with self-care and intentional actions.

The recent Supreme Court decision impacts our entire Community in one way or another and we understand that it’s hard to stay focused when things feel this overwhelming. In addition to taking some extra time to process and rest, we find that actions, whether big or small, can help to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. Plus, those actions can really add up to create the kind of change you want to see.

This is also a reminder that behind the scenes there have been some updates to laws and policies that may affect your business(es). It’s important to stay informed in the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship and small business. As Emily said in episode 285, “If you want to show up and do business, you have to cover yourself legally.”

This week’s links contain important resources to help you take care of your business and your community in whatever way you currently need or that feels right for you. And remember, we’ve got your back, boss.

Take Action For Healthcare

  • Contact your representatives to encourage them to protect reproductive rights and defend the right to make personal, private decisions about healthcare. Find yours here. (database)

  • Donate to local funds to help your community members receive the healthcare they need. (database + educational resource)

  • Why are grassroots organizations the best place to send your $$? Find out more about how they help. (article)

  • Want to participate in a protest? Read these tips on how to stay safe at public demonstrations and find one near you. (article + database)

  • Safeguard your health data. Use a VPN to keep your browsing history secure. Proton VPN is a free option (that won’t sell your data) or check out Nord VPN, a paid option that offers more features. (apps)

  • Use a secure messaging app to keep your conversations private. Read these reviews to find the best one for you. (article)

  • Consider deleting any period tracking apps or swapping for a new one. The data these apps collect could be used against you in a legal setting. (article)


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Be A Legal Eagle

  • Etsy recently launched a Purchase Protection Program. It protects buyers at no cost to sellers who opt-in. (article)

  • California amended its law regarding subscriptions that offer automatic renewals. Learn more about changes you may need to make to comply. (article)

  • Local legislative issues that small business owners should be aware of. Similar ones might be at play in your area too. (article)

  • More US small business grant funds are available now. $6 billion to be exact. (article)

  • PayPal’s fee structure is changing on July 28th. If you accept PayPal payments as a merchant or seller, be prepared. (article)

Summertime and The Learning’s Easy!

This summer, we’re teaming up with The Chattery – a women-founded and Black-led nonprofit learning collective in Chattanooga, TN. We love what they do so much we asked them to bring a variety of classes and workshops to the Being Boss Clubhouse!

From data visualization to mastering your mindset to birdwatching or tapping into your intuition, we’re covering all the bases to help you succeed as an entrepreneur and get your creative juices flowing.

Clubhouse membership is only $77 per month, with monthly or annual options.

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What’s Fresh

  • Bye-bye, Google Hangouts. Hello, Google Chat. Google first announced plans to migrate users to Chat in 2018 and it’s finally happening. Learn everything you need to know about the new/old service. (article)

  • Self-soothe with these calming location-specific soundscapes. Listen to the sounds of nature from all over the world. (streaming)

  • The FCC wants TikTok removed from app stores over privacy concerns. (article)

  • Amazon has created its first fully autonomous robot to help fulfill orders within its warehouses. (article)
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