Marketing, Love it or Hate it?

Either way...

The Eternal Recurring Task: Your Marketing

Marketing. Love it or hate it, we can all agree marketing is an essential and constant part of running a business. For every boss that relishes creating the perfect Instagram graphic in Canva, there are at least three more bosses who can’t find the time (or interest) to keep up with all the tools and strategies related to marketing our business.

Regardless of where you fall on the marketing spectrum, we all gotta do it – but here’s a tip: marketing really just comes down to staying top of mind for your ideal customer so that you can keep your pipeline of prospects going. But that’s easier said than done, right?

So, if you’ve been struggling with marketing, today’s your lucky day! Whether you’re looking at the big picture of your marketing strategy or you’re still tackling the routine stuff to plant seeds of opportunity, this week’s collection has you covered.

Big Picture Stuff

KISSS (Keep It Simple Super Star) We’re always a fan of simplifying and marketing is no exception. (podcast)
How should we measure our marketing? Outcome-based marketing sounds way better than “likes” to us. (article)
We know content is queen, but what types of content are audiences responding to these days? Find out in this new report. (article)
Working on your visual brand? Here’s how to get what you need from your designer. (article)
Why is posting on social media so f*cking hard? Here’s a hint. (article)

Devil’s in the Details

Wait — Twitter is still a thing? Absolutely (Emily’s been back there for months), and they’re introducing some new features like Super Follows and Communities to make sure we all know Twitter isn’t dead. (articles)
Verified. Here’s the latest, if you’re craving that little blue check on your Insta account. (article)
Forget something in your shopping cart? That’s OK, you can just buy it on TikTok now. (article)

At Being Boss

New Being Boss episode. What’s the difference between your Community, Audience, and Market? Emily breaks it down and puts them in the right places of your business model.

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