Money’s Shakin’ Up

The world of economics is shifting. Are you ready for the ride?

It’s Not Called “Change” for Nothin’

The money landscape is changing, boss, as you’ll see in this week’s list of articles.

From the changing of age-old standards to the shake-out of economic upheaval beginning to take shape, we’re not going to lie…

The world looks weird.

Which is more reason than ever for us to keep our finger on the pulse.

From mergers to NFTs, the tides are shifting, which means your mindset should be, too. So slide into that CFO hat for a minute, boss, and make sure your money ducks are in a row.

Money, Honey

  • Managing your wealth is something you need to plan for before you even have wealth to manage, especially as an entrepreneur. (article)

  • Giving the power of payment-plans to small biz, Afterpay left the holiday season as the clear winner. (article)

  • A major shift in banking hit when CapitalOne announced they’re ditching overdraft fees. Let’s make this an industry standard, k? (article)

  • From $900 to 8-figures, this skincare brand marketed their way into huge growth. (video + transcript)

  • Being rich is a mindset, so don’t let a scarcity mindset rob you of happiness. (podcast) 

Be Boss of Your Biz

We know you’re here to make bank, boss. Granted, everyone’s definition of “bank” is different, but whether you’re wanting a $100k year or a $10M year, you have to make time to work ON your business.

Which is why we created CEO Day Kit, a set of tools to guide you through 12 months of business planning in just 1 day.

As we move into a new year, don’t neglect this powerful time for reflection and action.

Plus! Emily is going live on January 11, 2022 with all CEO Day Kit users to guide you through each step, answer your questions, and hold space for you to show up and do the work. More info coming soon!

NFT Says What?

  • Last week we shared this primer on NFTs, in case it’s still Greek to you. (article)

  • Podcast > NFT > over $66M? This sounds like SciFi (with a nifty narwhal). (article)

  • But is there an NFT bubble? Maybe, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll be gone if it bursts. (article)

  • And then it gets weirder with a Wikipedia edit and an old iMac… at *Christie’s Auction House*. (article) 

What’s Fresh

  • The company behind Hydroflask acquired Osprey for $414M, showing us that tangible goods still have value. (article)

  • ULTA won this holiday season, too. We still know how to treat ourselves. (article)

  • Microsoft Teams is now more accessible for small businesses… which feels a little unfashionably late. (article)
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