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Reflecting on plans + intentions

Make Time to Check In

It can be easy to get stuck in the day-to-day running of your business. Meetings, tasks, and the seemingly constant demands of work and life can make it feel like the only option is continual hustle. True growth and success, however, are found in the cycles or seasons of work. This means making time to slow down, review your progress, and reflect on the big vision of your business is mandatory for every boss.

Aligning with the seasons of the year is a natural way to incorporate regular business reviews. And with the recent season change and the second quarter of the year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to check in on your business and life.

Quarterly reviews help you gain awareness of where you are, the progress you’ve made, what’s working and what’s not. Taking time to identify your metrics and understand the numbers will allow you to intentionally guide your business to the next level and give you insight on the way forward.

The Why + How of Metrics

  • If growth and scaling your business is a goal for 2022, identifying and tracking your metrics is just one essential to consider. (article)

  • Every business has a different set of KPIs. Success starts with choosing the right ones for you. (article + video)

  • Tracking but not seeing any traction? Your goals might not be big enough. (article)

  • If you are lacking the motivation to tackle a review of your current business plans and performance, try tapping into peak Aries energy. (article)

  • We love a good database for planning and tracking. Notion 2.15 recently launched with more powerful database features. (article)
  • Prefer tracking with pen and paper? Check out these bullet journal ideas for creating custom tracking spreads and more. (article + videos)

Mind Your Stats

  • IG stats got you down? The Instagram Creator Lab just launched, offering channel growth tips and information on its ever-changing algorithm. (article)

  • It costs online retailers 20-40% more than traditional stores to acquire a customer, making customer retention a critical metric to track and review. (article)

  • Monthly revenue number feeling like a roller coaster? Consider creating a recurring subscription-based offering to find consistency. (article)

  • If your digital advertising isn’t showing the return you’d hoped for, it might be time to consider traditional marketing. (article)

  • Measuring and managing time is important for becoming effective, and that doesn’t always mean maximum output. (article)

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What’s Fresh

  • Speaking of cyclesgradients are fresh again and showing up in web design. (article)

  • Segmentation, automation, and 10,000 free emails! Shopify is leveling up its email marketing tools. (article)

  • Twitter launched a new betaTwitter Shops is a free feature that allows users to showcase a collection of up to 50 products on the platform. (article)

  • Meta plans to build an AI-powered speech translator that can directly translate speech in real-time and cater to under-served languages. (article)
In this episode, Emily shares the most important lessons she’s learned from running her retail store, Almanac Supply Emily and Corey talk about numbers and business metrics. They share why metrics matter and how to consistently tune in to your business’ data to make improvements. Learn how to befriend the key metrics in business as a creative entrepreneur.

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