Your Most Overlooked Resource?

It’s your healthy business relationships, boss.

Relationships Matter

Building and growing your business can feel lonely at times. That’s why we have always believed that community is an important ingredient to success. Surrounding yourself with the right relationships of every kind can have a huge impact on the work that you do and how you feel about it. From your business besties to your vendors, team, and customers – each kind of relationship you have needs to be built and nurtured so that you can be supported in the way you need most.

But have you actually thought about the relationship you have with your business? In this week’s episode of the Being Boss podcast, Emily discusses this very important relationship and how to tell if it is healthy or toxic. This week’s round-up of resources highlights all the different types of relationships you have in business and will give you tips for making the most of them.


  • Want to build trust with your customers? Focus on these strategies for building relationships and developing trust for long-term connections. (article)

  • Another way to build trust and authority? Leverage testimonials or case studies from your existing customers and gain more sales, more referrals, and position yourself as an expert. (article)

  • Your mission is important to shoppers, but great service is still their top priority. (article)

  • Providing memorable customer service is a snap with these 13 skills. (article)


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  • Having a business bestie that you can lean on and offer support to can be game-changing! Learn why a business bestie is the best investment. (article)

  • As leaders and entrepreneurs in a digital age, our lives happen more and more online which means building relationships virtually is a skill you need. (article)

  • Hosting all virtual events spiked over the last few years, but it looks like that trend is here to stay. Capitalize on connecting to others by effectively hosting virtually. (podcast)

  • The connection you have to yourself shouldn’t be overlooked, boss. If you find that you’ve been too hard on yourself, try kindness instead. (article)


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What’s Fresh

  • If you ship anything for your business, you’ve got a relationship with the post office.  It just might not be your favorite one after they announced temporary price adjustments for key services for the peak 2022 holiday season. (article)

  • Here’s a hookup you don’t want to miss. Klaviyo and Shopify have established a partnership to deliver more features and functionality to customers. (article)

  • Relationship with social media in a funk? Try getting that spark back or explore a new platform or two. (articles)

  • A fresh look for one of your oldest relationships. Gmail rolled out a new look to all users earlier this month. (article)

When we think of toxic relationships, the first things that come to mind are likely a romantic relationship, a family relationship, or even a friendship. But what about the relationship you have with your business? In this episode, Emily shares the importance of your relationship with your business, why creative business owners are prone to problems in this relationship, and four common areas that problems will manifest. She also discusses the importance of values when it comes to guiding your relationship with your business and keeping it healthy.

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