When it comes to running a business, fraudy feelings can come standard with the territory. Maintaining a healthy entrepreneur mindset when things get challenging might feel impossible. We cover having a Boss Mindset frequently here because we know how important it is to have the confidence in who you are and the decisions you make, committing to huge goals, and trusting yourself to do the work.

When it comes down to it, you can’t be boss if you are not in the right frame of mind. Shifting your current perspective on and your approach to your situation is the best way to move yourself forward. Learn the entrepreneur mindset shifts 3 members of the Being Boss Community have made to take their work and life to the next level. 


1. The Mindset of Making Your Business Legit

My biggest mindset shift happened when I went from being a freelancer (and jack of all trades) to setting up an LLC and really running my business like a business. I created more focused packages, raised my rates, and started implementing Profit First. I am always working on taking things less personally because while there are business relationships that are important, the business itself is this kind of neutral entity that I use to help meet my goals. It’s an ongoing effort but this shift has moved the needle the most for me and reframed how I approach decisions around my business.

Meg McConnell // Due West Design

2. Decision as a Super Power Mindset

My biggest mindset shift is not “if I can make this happen then X” but, I decide X and then I make it happen.

Deciding is a whole super power, because then it’s not up to “maybe”. It’s up to me to work it, and love on myself and the process. It’s up to me to meet the personal growth and growing edges as they come while I make it happen. There’s no time line to give up in when a decision has been made. Don’t misunderstand that this means to hustle and suffer through the goal. There’s a difference, it’s subtle and you won’t understand it until you live through it.

Rachelle Siebke // Money Coach

3. Letting Go of FOMO Mindset

My biggest mindset shift has been the release of FOMO (fear of missing out). As a baby boss I would attend lots of free stuff and there’s definitely a time & place for it. But as a boss who is scaling & growing, I don’t do freebies any longer. No more free webinars, free conferences, free replays, free handouts, etc. No amount of free content is ever going to equal the paid program, so either I’m investing & committing or I’m staying focused on the work I have in motion to reach my next milestone. It’s a major productivity shift and I teach it to my own clients now because it helped me double my revenue last year. I champion them to scale through exclusively paid offers.

Mary Williams, MSI // Sensible Woo

Corinne Preston is the Content Production Manager at Being Boss. With a background as a graphic designer and creative director, she is driven by a passion to learn, explore, and make.