It hasn’t felt quite right going about business as usual over the past few days. A lot of our posts, deadlines, and obligations are pre-scheduled – that’s a part of how we work and how we get it all done. Our mission and ongoing message at Being Boss is one of universal love, compassion, and diversity. But bosses – today (and tomorrow and all the days after), #‎blacklivesmatter and we need bosses of color to know that we stand with you.

As two white girls, we’re on the outer ring of this movement, but if we can help to create an environment of love to surround and support those in our community who are deeply hurting and create a barrier between them and those who are intent on harming or oppressing, then we’re here to stand with, speak out, listen deeply, and hold space for those who need it.

We’re being much more intentional about bringing our boss community of color onto Being Boss – our community doesn’t look as white as Emily and myself and we like it that way.

Here’s our wish: We want to live in a world that is abundant with peace and love and the ability to be who you are 100% of the time without fear. It’s up to us to do the work.

Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon.