Being Boss Teams Up with The Chattery for a Summer Online Workshop Series

The Being Boss Community has always been about connection and collaboration. We continue to be committed to showing up with the resources that we are most aligned to provide. As well as continuing to have and facilitate conversations that help bosses be better at business. For us, one of the best ways to do this is through shared learning experiences. And if you’ve ever attended any of the Being Boss online workshops or events, you’ve experienced the magical connection that happen when bosses come together.

That is why we are both excited and proud to announce our new partnership with The Chattery.

About The Chattery

The Chattery is a women-founded and Black-led nonprofit learning collective located in Chattanooga, TN. They offer affordable and accessible classes and workshops taught by a variety of community leaders, experts, and hobbyists. They all share a love for teaching and learning. 

Since forming in 2014, The Chattery has hosted more than 1,000 classes and events connecting with lifelong learners from Chattanooga and around the world. Their classes range from cocktails and calligraphy to mastering Excel and financial planning.

Shawanda Mason-Moore, co-founder of The Chattery joined us on the podcast previously to discuss non-profit and for-purpose business models. Listen Shawanda’s interview on the Being Boss podcast >>

About the Online Workshop Series

In teaming up with The Chattery for our Summer Sessions Workshops, we’re able to bring a wide variety of fun classes and workshops to the Being Boss Clubhouse in addition to our regular events and online workshops!  From data visualization to mastering your mindset to birdwatching or tapping into your intuition, we’re covering all the bases to help you succeed as an entrepreneur and get your creative juices flowing. Take a look at a few of the online workshops happening this summer:

Tableau Beginner Online Bootcamp

Data can be creative! In this workshop you’ll gain understanding of Tableau and its components. Learn how you can quickly and easily tell a story with the visualization of data.

Birdwatching From Your Couch Online Workshop

Learn the basics of birding from home, including using binoculars and a field guide, bird feeder use, and identification of common backyard birds.

Introduction To Intuition Online Class

Everyone has the gift of intuition! This class was created for those of you who long for a connection to your inner knowing, desire to trust your instincts more often or feel the calling to explore yourself and your gifts.

Want Access to More Online Workshops?

The Being Boss Clubhouse is for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs looking for community, support, and resources to help in their business journey. In addition to Monday Meet-Ups and Virtual Coworking events that are available to our entire Community, Clubhouse members have access to more intimate events like Clubhouse Conversations, New Moon Circles, and Book Club calls. 

Members of the Clubhouse tier of the Being Boss Community also gain access to extra content like live online workshops, conferences, and their on-demand replays! Here are just a few of the sessions you’ll receive when you join:

  • Creative Marketing Strategies
  • Building an Inclusive Business
  • Magic In Business Workshop
  • Tarot for Business
  • Linkedin Success for Bosses
  • Break the Ice with Video

You can access all of these resources and the support of a community of bosses in the Being Boss Clubhouse for only $77/month. Sign up for your free 14-day trial today!

Corinne Preston is the Content Production Manager at Being Boss. With a background as a graphic designer and creative director, she is driven by a passion to learn, explore, and make.