Biz Barriers to Break Through

Building a brand, normalizing wealth, and making the internet a better place.

Running Your Biz… Only Better

Are “sales” and “self-promotion” dirty words? Does massive wealth make you uncomfortable? Listen up: the world might need your business to thrive. And to make that possible, it may be time to rethink a few things.

While it’s easier than ever to show up as a business owner today, many bosses still face faulty beliefs that true success is a selfish— or even malicious— thing. True, there are plenty of companies that use their success in unethical ways. But if we’re ever going to see the changes we want to see in the business world, some of us have to start being it.

If you’re not showing up or selling your offerings to the people who need you most, you’re doing them a disservice. So sit yourself down and prepare for a pep talk. Today we’re reconsidering branding, wealth, and what it means to be boss. 

Tell Your Story Through Branding

  • Color psychology is a real thing. Which colors help tell the story of your brand? (article)

  • Anyone can build a brand, but it takes real authenticity to stand out today. Discover how you can use your authentic self to guide your branding process. (article)

  • It’s true— brands use emotions to sell. Understanding the emotional aspect of advertising can help you leverage (and discern) different sales strategies. (article)

  • The internet has witnessed 30 years of web design. Like all revolutionary things in history, a lot of change has been documented. HubSpot shares the fascinating feats in website design so far. It’s a fun one. (article)

  • Speaking of websites, what content should you put above the fold vs below the fold? What even is “the fold”? The Digital gives us the lowdown. (article)

Chattanooga Meet-Up

We’re hosting a local Being Boss Meet-Up in Chattanooga on Friday, May 27, 2022, from 5-7pm ET at the Night Pearl and we’d love for you to join us.

Let’s grab some drinks and tasty snacks while we catch up!

Women Supporting (Wealthy) Women

  • Women are making big strides in business. And yet, we still face barriers in the world of business ownership. Here’s some entrepreneurial advice for boss women, from boss women. (article)

  • Why is wealth still assumed as a bad thing? To break down the barriers to wealth and success, here’s what you can do to normalize them. (article)

  • Taking things too seriously can strain your life. Here are some everyday tips to lighten up, feel more engaged, and let go of control.  (article)

  • To be the best business owner you can be, you’re gonna have to ditch that poverty mindset. Is there enough to go around? Some think so. (article)

Save Your Seat!

Do you struggle to explain what you or your business does? Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your business and connect with your audience.

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What’s Fresh

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t limited to physical spaces. The digital realm is demanding a better DEI conversation, too. Learn how you can improve digital accessibility online. (article)
  • Good business development = good strategy. How’s yours? Read the 9 ways you can improve your biz development strategy for 2022. (article)
  • Google is expanding its Career Certificate scholarship program to help more people get the skills they need to succeed. (article)
Project management can change your world as a business owner. More importantly, it can bring your big vision to life. In this episode, Emily of Being Boss discusses all things project management with Jackie Cahill, the Senior Project Manager at Biddy Tarot. They share some of the top time management skills every entrepreneur needs, how to identify project priorities, and tips for becoming your own project manager.

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