Community Is The Answer

Find your people, support, and funding.

Building Together

As a creative entrepreneur or small business owner, finding your community is a critical factor in your success. Our community at Being Boss is a prime example of why community is so important – the benefits are endless! From the power of networking and access to resources like mentorship and training to the inspiration and feedback you’ll receive, community is a recipe for growth and acceleration.

But the benefits of community don’t end there. Community funding is a game-changer for entrepreneurs, as it provides a way to develop new revenue streams and achieve success. Crowdfunding has become a popular method for small businesses to secure funding. Plus, platforms like Substack, Paetron, and Podia are leading the way in community-funded content, from newsletters and podcasts to courses. The support of your community can be the key to unlocking the full potential of your business and bringing your creative vision to life.

Community Support

Community Funding

  • Crowdfunding isn’t new, but when done right it is a great way to let a committed community invest in making your new venture or idea a reality. (article)

  • Take collaboration to the next level and co-create with your customers. Giving your community the opportunity to influence what you produce gives you access to great first-hand feedback. (article)

  • What is your content worth to your community? Tara McMullin breaks down the role money plays in how we value information and how this one element can add value to your content or information products. (podcast)

  • Interested in creating community-funded work? Patreon is the leading platform for creators that want to connect with a community and get paid for their work. Learn how to get started and determine if it is the right move for you. (article)

  • Subtle merch is making waves with fandoms and stans everywhere. These “coded” merch items let community members signal their insider status. (article) 

Total Wellness For Remote Professionals

Work Club is an inclusive community of remote professionals working worldwide. Our guides host daily, small-group virtual coworking sprints that protect time for you to do distraction-free work with the added accountability of working around others. Join for free and enjoy a session on us.

What’s Fresh

  • After raising their prices, Shopify has announced over 100 product updates to help keep its users ahead of the curve. (article)

  • Klayvio users will be happy to hear that they will also be getting some product updates that are designed to convert more visitors, drive more revenue, and optimize your account. (article)

  • Airtable is launching a revamped community along with its new enhancements and product updates. (article)

  • Disney is the latest in the long list of companies that have laid-off thousands of employees. CEO Bob Iger included the cuts in a company restructuring intended to save $5.5 billion in costs. (article)


When it comes to running a business, few things are ever as easy as you think they will be. In this episode, Emily is sharing a peek behind the scenes at the growth of Almanac Supply Co., her product and retail business. Learn how the team continues to innovate and find purpose in the work from updating processes and systems to furthering the growth of the company through marketing tactics that help bridge the online and in-person shopping experience.

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