Finances freaking you out?

Get your money plans in order, boss.

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Moolah Mindset

Are you starting to freak out a little bit about money, boss?

When words like inflation, bear market, and recession have been in the headlines for months now, we wouldn’t be surprised if you answered yes.

When it comes to your money, it is important to understand how to create stability, protect your assets, and secure your ideal future. Top that off with a strong money mindset and you’ll be able to ride any economic rollercoaster with a little more ease.

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Business Benjamins

  • Signs indicate that inflation has likely peaked. Which sounds like good news, however; the task of now lowering prices without raising interest rates further could be a larger undertaking. (article)

  • The Fed’s main tool for taming inflation is hiking interest rates. But will rate increases actually solve the problem when the supply chain is still so disrupted? (podcast)

  • Should you be worried about a recession as a small business owner? You may find peace of mind in the mindset of stability over continual growth. (article)

  • If the thought of a recession still has you worried, don’t panic. Survive and thrive by taking immediate action with these 2 steps. (video + article)

  • E-commerce sales are still riding high amid economic woes. Forecasts are predicting online retail sales will hit $1 trillion this quarter. (article)

Money Moves*

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This means something very important: small business owners really love using it, and it might be just the solution you’re looking for to invoice your customers, track your expenses and manage your books.

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