Ho, Ho, Holiday Tips

And smart money advice you can use year-round.

Better Late Than Never

At least that’s what they say. It’s recommended that most retail and maker businesses start preparing for the Christmas holiday season 2-3 months in advance. And though it might be too late for some things like ordering more stock before Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, it’s not too late to give your holiday marketing plan one last zhush, make sure your website looks fantastic, stock up on gift wrap, or block some days on your calendar for a little R&R.

The early bird might get the biggest worm, but there’s still plenty to go around. Don’t forget these other important shopping holidays throughout the rest of the year. Even if this isn’t your best holiday season ever, you’ve got plenty of chances throughout the year to make big bucks by doing a little prep work.

So roll up your sleeves and tackle what you can before you miss out on the busiest season of the year. Enjoy these holiday-related links and some money tips that can benefit your biz year-round. 

Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Marketing Without Social Media

Do you hate promoting your business on social media but feel you have no choice? Here’s the good newsYou can build a thriving business without social media! It’s possible and on November 29th, you can learn how!

Join us and The Chattery for a Build A Thriving Business Without Social Media workshop on November 29th. Presented by Johanna Renoth of Bye, Social Media!, this workshop will show you how to create a marketing plan you are excited about with channels that support your strengths.

This workshop is free to Being Boss Clubhouse members and available to everyone else for just $35! 
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Year-Round Money Advice

  • What are your financial goals? If you’re unsure, start with these 3. (article)

  • Get your story straight. Your money mindset can set you up to succeed or fall short. (podcast)

  • Go from old school to new school with a lesson in mobile commerce. Already selling online? Here are 13 things you can do to make more money online. (article)

  • Hybrid shopping is one trend that we think will last. Learn more about how you can engage customers that transition seamlessly between in-store and online shopping. (article)

  • The price is right… or is it? Make sure your pricing is on point with these strategies to find what works for your business. (article)

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What’s Fresh

  • Adobe put Pantone colors in a corner. More accurately, they put them behind a paywall and it’s causing everyone’s files to turn black. (article)

  • Searching is a snap with Etsy’s new image search feature. (article)

  • You can now buy the coveted ‘blue check from Twitter. But what happens when anyone can be verified? (article and Instagram)

  • Youtube creators will soon be able to go live. (article) 

The journey of a small business owner is one that requires a finger on the pulse and constant learning, but being a retail or maker boss comes with a unique set of obstacles. In this episode, Emily is joined by Carla Pellicano, the Head of Product at Faire, a marketplace for small wholesalers. Together they examine the current state of both brick-and-mortar and maker businesses. Carla shares what changes are on the horizon, what we can expect to stay the same, and how you can prepare for the future.

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