I Quit

But do I really? Let's see.

Remember: “We Chose This”

In this 2015 episode with Lisa Congdon and her partner Clay Walsh about getting through the hard times as a creative business owner, Lisa shared a mantra that I have adopted and practice as an internal chant:

We chose this.

Emily here, and today I repeat it to you, bosses… as you begin to wrap up your year, shuffle those projects to a close, juggle it all with family obligations, and – oh yea – still a pandemic.

We chose this.

And if it makes you feel any better, know that I feel the heat often (I’m not kidding, I’m basically singing this to myself these days; I’ll let you know if I decide to choreograph it). And in my conversations with bosses in the community, they’re feeling it too.

It doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it just means ‘tis the season! And if the seasons teach us anything, it’s that they always end to make way for another.

And so in today’s links, we’re sharing some support for moving forward, even if you’re thinking of that ugly 4-letter word – the one that starts with Q. Not the other one.

PS – I don’t quit. But hear my reason for the heat in November’s episode of Making A Business [exclusive to Clubhouse members].

Quitting + Coming Back

  • Jack Dorsey steps down as CEO of Twitter. See… sometimes it really is just time to walk away (especially if you’re still CEO of Square). (article)

  • Lush chose to quit social media (again!), this time less from burnout and more because social makes the world feel dirty. (article)

  • Let’s all quit for one day! Join us for a community-wide Mandatory Lazy Day on Tuesday, December 28. (event)

  • In other news, Shoppers have returned… to shopping in-store, according to a review of this year’s Black Friday sales. (article)

  • But small businesses still broke records, as Shopify reported $2.9 BILLION in sales on their platform on Black Friday. (article)

  • You got holiday traffic, now what? Capitalize on it, duh! (article)

  • Customer service keeps them coming back. The pandemic may have helped us take it to the next level. (article)

Hire Help (That Doesn’t Quit)

  • Hiring has changed. Now it’s up to us employers to adapt the way we hire. (article)

  • Leading a team is its own skill set, and is often nothing like you thought it would be. (article)

  • Are you retaining employees? You could be up for an Employee Retention Credit this coming tax season. (article)

What’s Fresh

  • Twitter launched livestream shopping, and I seriously can’t wait to try it out. (article)

  • Shuffle no longer, thanks to Adele’s boss move of asking for what she wants from Spotify. (article)

  • Wordpress nerds unite for State of the Word on December 14th. (webinar)

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Are you a creative entrepreneur who overthinks important decisions in your business? In this episode, Emily and Corey of Being Boss chat about something they call the Test and Change Mindset.

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