It’s Time to Rest

The science of doing nothing, podcasts for mental health, and boss’ favorite books.

A Long Winter’s Nap

Now that winter has officially arrived (for us northern hemisphere bosses), it’s time to kick it down a gear.

Don’t get us wrong, we know that the next week of holiday stuff and family and cookies is often a time where you’re busier than ever, but it *is* time to down-shift into an easier way of being over the next few weeks.

Why? Because that’s the nature of the season – which is true, to some extent, for you southern hemisphere bosses entering summer, as well.

To help you embrace this period of slowing down, this week’s email is a compilation of resources for getting you right with rest, and helping you figure out what you do when you get there.


Rest + Mental Health

  • Science agrees: chill out. Making time to do nothing is good for your health. (article)

  • If you need personal proof, here’s three signs you need a mental health day. (article)

  • Does your world feel a little shaky? Finding stability may need to be your top priority. (article)

  • Bosses have lots of responsibilitiesBalancing them is a must. (article)

  • Working harder isn’t always the answerBeing different pretty much always is. (article)

  • The ability to rest can be affected by what’s going on in your head. Here’s 9 podcasts tackling conversations on mental health. (article)

Join Us: Mandatory Lazy Day

Taking a whole day to rest, unapologetically, is important for refueling yourself, helping you re-center, and achieving a deeper, more healing state of rest.

For years, we’ve been touting the wonders of a Mandatory Lazy Day. In fact, you can discover more about them in this podcastthis articlethis video, and in the Being Boss book.

To help you make space for this important practice in self-care, we’re hosting a community-wide Mandatory Lazy Day on Tuesday, December 28th.

No need to do anything. In fact, that’s the point. Put it on your calendar, don’t let anything get in the way, then stay in your PJs all day long, doing as little as possible.

For some help to prep, join the Being Boss Community and RSVP to this event.

(That you don’t even have to show up for. Except by just sitting on your couch.)

Let’s rest!

Helping You Rest

  • Journaling is one of our favorite restful activitiesGratitude prompts per your zodiac sign gets extra points. (article)

  • Bring on the calm and immunity-boosting of cordyceps. Please and thank you. (article)

  • Need some inspo on what to read next? Bosses share their favorite and recently read books. (community post)

  • This yoga pose is so low-key, it might become the official pose of Mandatory Lazy Day for its calming and relaxing benefits (tied for first with savasana and child’s pose). (article)

  • Grab some golden milk and whip up this Restorative Moon Milk for extra points. (article)

  • Do some breathwork (by our friend and fellow boss) to help you move some energy in your body. (video)

After You Rest, Make a Plan

You know how it works: your best ideas come when you’re at ease.

Whether you’re in the shower or taking a walk or driving in your car, when your brain is more free to wander and play, you settle into the zone where inspiration is most likely to strike.

And after it strikes, you have to make a plan, and then get to work.

Which is why we created CEO Day Kit, a set of tools to guide you through 12 months of business planning in just 1 day.

It takes the inspiration of a creative business owner and turns it into a roadmap of action that will guide you toward your goals.

Plus! Emily is going live on January 11, 2022 with all CEO Day Kit users to guide you through each step, answer your questions, and hold space for you to show up and do the work. More info coming soon!

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What is the process of writing a book? In this episode, Leigh Bardugo, the New York Times bestselling author of Ninth House and the creator of the Shadow and Bone trilogy (now a Netflix original series) shares her approach to book writing.

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