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Economic Trends

At this point, we’re all feeling the effects of the last 2 years of broader economic trends. Chances are you’ve experienced the increased cost of goods and services, supply chain issues, or difficulty with hiring. If not, where do you live and can we stay with you? Just until things cool off around here. 🥵

The truth is inflation is not going anywhere, boss. The Federal Reserve recently raised interest rates, by 0.25%, for the first time in 3 years. They also projected that rates could be raised again, this year. But, that doesn’t mean your outlook needs to be bleak. Being boss means staying informed and taking control of your money. So, if you haven’t already reviewed your current pricing, it might be time to take a look and consider raising your rates.

For now, we’ve got your back with some fresh money links.

Money Talks

  • Worried about rising costs and sinking revenues? Learn simple strategies to overcome inflation with Profit First. (webinar)

  • President Biden’s 2023 budget proposal allocates roughly $914 million to the SBA. Learn how that could benefit your business. (article)

  • Are you paying yourself enough? Here’s how you can secure your paycheck as a small business owner. (article)

  • If you are looking for a new tactic to encourage more sales, a pay what you want pricing model could help your biz. (article)

  • Want another way to grow your business? Encourage your team to learn and grow. (podcast)

  • Looking to cut back on your business expenses right now? Check out this list of 13 areas where you could find some savings. (article) 

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What’s Fresh

Having a day job can be a huge bonus when pursuing your creative boss goals. Many entrepreneurs keep their day jobs, which is both valid and sustainable in business. In this episode, Emily chats with Alanah Joseph, Head of Creator Partnerships at Hubspot and creator of the Ambitious Black Woman channel. They discuss tips for pursuing a passion project, finding fulfillment in a creative side hustle, and what to look for in a remote job.

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