Smash the Blues

Dealing with uncertainty, food for mood boosts, and 4-day workweeks

Who’s Sad?

Oh… hello, winter blues. It’s cold, dark, and moody… and we’re not just talking about the weather. Which means this is the time of year when you have to be extra diligent with keeping that mindset as boss as it can be.

Lucky for you, you know what the tools are, right? Good habits, strong boundaries, and the kind of self-knowledge that lets you know that *your* fix for this is yoga or warm soup or a chat with your bestie. We all have our ways.

So, as we all come down off our fresh new year high and are smacked with the reality that the world is still a mess, you’ve probably got COVID, and there are still bills to pay (ew… let’s lighten this up), know that there are little sparks of hope everywhere.

In fact, I (Emily here) have adopted a little mantra that is legitimately making me feel better:

“I am optimistic about the future.”

It’s a follow-up from a tarot reading I had by our favorite blue-haired tarot reader in New Orleans this past fall, who told me I had to stop waiting for the shoe to drop… and I feel like we all could take a nugget of that home, yes?

And so this week I bring you some words, insights, and inspiration for lightening up the mood. For sparking some joy. For remembering that you’re a fucking boss. 💪🏼

For Your Mind and Body

  • Prioritize rest, boss. And here’s 5 ways to do it. (article)

  • Feeling bored (even with your work) is an easy trap to fall into, but the mundane matters too. (article)

  • Feel your feelings. And if you’re not sure how you feel about them once you feel them, fellow boss Emily Dyke’s illustrations musing on grieflonelinessdisappointment, and distance will make you feel seen, if nothing else. (instagram posts)

  • You don’t have to move so fast, boss. In fact, slowing down can help you make smarter choices. (podcast)

  • Happiness begins with gratitude, which you already know but we can always be reminded. (podcast)

  • If uncertainty has you down, inaction is not the answer. You, boss, can do something. (article + video)

  • Winter blues = winter booze? Take a break but still sip chic. (article)

  • Stress is bad for your nervous system, obvs, but did you know about that vagus nerve? (article)

  • Help your body with ancestral foods that boost your immunity and mood. (article)

  • Leave it to the crystals with stones for summoning sun vibes. (article)

For Your Biz + Team

  • “Video On” may not be everyone’s favorite, but it does have positive impacts. (article)

  • Master the basics of any leader and you’ll feel boss all day. (article)

  • 4-day workweeks anyone? We’re loving this trend-but-hopefully-soon-reality way of approaching work + productivity. (article)

Take Care of Your Team*

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In the Community

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