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I know you’re likely feeling over this Joe Rogan thing – aren’t we all? (Not sure what we’re talking about? Literally, just google “Joe Rogan” and pick a link.)

Emily here, and I want to take a moment to address the topic here, because this is a newsletter, and this is the current news of our podcast/creator/online world.

I’ve had my finger on the pulse of this Joe Rogan shit for years. As a member of the podcasting community, I plugged in when sniffs of his Spotify deal began filling the air back in Spring 2020.

My concerns then were less about his bad behavior and more about the deal itself:

  • What would this deal mean for the podcasting industry?
  • What kind of precedence will this create for putting podcasts behind paywalls?
  • How will this affect the world of indie podcasts?
  • What the hell is Spotify up to?
  • And why the living eff are we putting this dude on a higher pedestal?

Since then I’ve obviously watched what has happened all along the way, including feeling mind-blown as the Obamas, the Windsors, and even Brené Brown joined the line-up of Spotify’s BIG move into the podcasting space.

… and as the latest headlines have been released, I’ve just poured myself some tea, sat back, and watched this shitstorm unfold.

Misinformation, racial slurs, resulting calls for censorship, drops in stock prices, and the otherwise very internet way of “dealing” with a problem has had me taking it all in and engaging in conversations with boss friends across the board. (I think we can all mostly agree that Brené Brown has been the most boss in response, to no one’s surprise.)

It rings with the sound of the Dave Chappelle / Netflix debacle of a few months ago. It’s a merging of creativity and expression that causes potential harm, bundled up in well-funded productions and a lot of dollar bills. In my view, these are places where unfortunate decisions were made all along the way by so many people. And for what? Money.

Money. Some fame. Some clout. Definitely some ego-driven need to “express myself.”

Not care. Not heart-centered values. Not pursuing a higher good.

And where I personally land on this topic is this:

The wonder of the internet is that it gives everyone in the world a platform. The problem with the internet is that not everyone deserves a platform. And more pointedly, every single one of us needs at least an occasional edit.

I don’t support censorship, but I do advocate for using a filter. I support giving attention and a platform where it’s deserved. I support staying aligned with values and serving a mission that includes doing harm to none.

Now, imagine what this whole situation would have been like if the Spotifys and Joe Rogans of the world operated in the same way.

I will continue to dream, bosses.

You can believe what you want about this whole situation (or any of its kind, from past to future), and believe me when I say that I see many nuances of this particular situation.

But I also see the glorious opportunity we’re being served up to see the products of capitalism, white supremacy, and misinformation dragged out to be seen and picked apart. Vultures are associated with purification, you know – and I’m sure we all understand that that’s what we need.

As for me and my house, we’ll continue navigating the input, having conversations with others, and learning from the many lessons presented in the world. We’ll filter and edit and present ourselves in a way that’s as aligned with our values as we can be, with the information we have when we have it.

And we hope you’ll do the same. ✊

Now… onto our regular programming.

The Internet as It Stands

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