Time To Let Your Bright Idea Shine

The world's best ideas have to start somewhere

The Next Big Thing

Have you ever found yourself wondering who decided that it was a good idea to put bubble gum inside of a lollipop? 55 years ago, Thomas Tate Tidwell Sr. filed a patent for “method for making candy with gum inside.” It was a simple idea, but it was one that no one had thought of before. 7 years later, Tidwell sold his patent to The Charms Candy Company, which in turn was eventually sold to Tootsie Roll Industries. Today, Blow Pops generate $50 million in revenue every year and are one of the best-selling hard candies of all-time.

There are countless other examples that could illustrate the same point: as long as you innovate, even the smallest ideas could lead to massive success.

Every new idea has to start with someone. We know that you have a cutting-edge idea in your head; now it’s time to let the world know about it. Tune out the naysayers and let your ideas shine! Even “shitty ideas” have potential. In the 1920s, “talking pictures” were considered a fad that didn’t belong in film, and now the film industry makes more than $100 billion every year on fully-spoken movies.

It’s time to flex your creativity, boss.

Zero In On Your Idea

Get Your Idea Out There

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